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Fight the Aides aigepty

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Talk about the rains, this topic surely will follow talked, dengue disease. Such as we know, this disease is because of female Aides aigepty mosquito bite after bitting dengue patient, where in its saliva there are dengue virus to follow brought into the blood stream of human being when it jab its mouth. Its symptom is started hotly high and later will be followed by the appearance of hazy squeezing chromatic fleck in patient skin. Its process like horse saddle, whereabout patient will experience of a period of critical early that is high fever more from 38 0C during 2 until 7 days. But a lot estimate after this phase is represent the healing phase, though this is phase which require to be taken heed, because going to a period to very hard critical. Patient temperature will return high but accompanied with the puking of blood, nosebleed, and lost they aware cause the shock. This cause the patient trombosite is drastic descend and finally it can cause death.
Considering how dangerous this disease is, and surely for the family which owning baby and children, hence very important to be conducted prevention efforts to expand this mosquito population. Especially for the solid settlement area and its hygiene less be awaked. In Indonesia, there are various ways which have been done, among other things do 3M : Menguras (cleanse water in bathing tub periodical), Menutup (closing relocation water place), and Mengubur (burying secondhand goods which can accomodate the water and place which can be suffused by water), spreading of abate powder in relocation water place to kill the mosquito larva, installation of mosquito net at bed, dabbing contra-mosquito lotion and also spray and which often done massly is fogging.
Pursuant to Health Duty of East Java at 2006, the conditions done fogging are if there are other patient in patient location (about 20 houses in patient environment), or there are fever patient without clear cause as much more from or equal to three people and there are wigglers. If there are occurence like that, hence can be reported at Health Duty and they will be sent the fogging worker to the area.
At the time of fogging, better all food, beverage, and also kitchenware kept in closed place like cupboard. So also with the children toy and counterpane also have to be closed in order not to be incured by the direct of fogging. This matter because of the gas is contain geranium, that is citronella which can cause the poisoned. Others, if owning pet better also kept away from home. Let the house empty and closed. Only entry door opened. After fogging, door shall also closed during a hour so that all insects within house cannot run to exit. Later sweep and mop the house floor from ex fogging and dead insects till cleanness in order not to generate the poisoned for human being and also our pet.
Dissimilar things in Middle Java, there are kampong owning the other way of fogging traditionally. They collect the mahoni leaf and papaya leaf, then burn it. Gas from that combustion is taken as for the fogging all of kampong area. They assess this way is effective enough because can kill the mosquito and other insects.
Anyway of its prevention, the most important is familiarize the clean life continuously. Health is the most valuable estae to can be non-stoped activity.
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Disaster, take its lesson!

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To the number of big ‘bandang’ floods and landslide in Indonesia latterly sign that this country is not owned the adequate preparation to anticipate the effect of season commutation from long drought to the rains yet. Very high rainfall have added the irrigate debit and make the river current become very rapid. Added displacedly function of forest which are wide progressively, like the production forest, agriculture, plantation, even building. Plantation crop like tea, agriculture crop like tomato, cabbage, bean, owning insufficient short root to hinder the process of ground erosion. And surely displacing function as land builded which heedless of the ecological function. In the end, human being itself harmed. Disaster of landslide and floods annihilate all that commercial advantages and leave various big damages which are bigger possible than advantages got previously. Is this expected? When an effort addressed to increase the prosperity but oppositely cause damage that larger ones than its benefit. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi roji'un...

Such as which have been happened recently in Indonesia, Last Thursday, Pebruary, 23th 2010 landslide disaster befall in Teh Dewata Plantation, Tenjolaya village, Pasir Jambu, Bandung-West Java. This area represent the area of tea plantation own PT. Kabepe Chakra where is not far from plantation location, there are citizen housing representing worker in this plantation. Until now, this disaster have snatched 29 souls, 16 lost and items damage. By the reason of house distance with the plantation place to work which is near, better be avoided to build the housing remember the ground structure in that area is very gristle slide. Even according to a research Geotechnology from LIPI, Dr Adrin Tohari in Bandung, ground structure in plateau of west java represent the erosive ground because lapped over from young vulcanic geology. Thereby plateau of west java represent the most gristle slide area compared to the other Indonesia plateau.

Have ought to every disaster which we have experienced become the substance of contemplation and Iesson so that later similar occurence shall not happened. Minimize to forwards, can more anticipatory as a result. Have as proper as, we can use result of research about the cause of slide and floods to correct what the wrong in this time. Bringing back of it returning to function which ought to and repair our patterned thinking to always harmonize the life with nature. Disaster is true incoming accident from God, but important to remember, God give all these pursuant to what have been done by human being. Like cycle, all effects of activity done by human being will return to human being itself. If human being can treat the nature better, God also will command the nature to give the good reciprocation because God is the most fair.
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