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Tissue, One Cause of the Global Warming

Most of all people recognize the tissue. There are two kinds of marketed tissue, wet tissue and dry tissue. Tissue in this modern-day have replaced the handkerchief to mop the sweat or clean the hand after finishing of eating. tissue come to be popular because its practical. This object only for once wear and needn't be cleaned as does handkerchief or cloth napkin. It is not strange if its market is non-stoped to spring up every year. According to Yeni Wijaya, Brand Manager Softies, wet tissue market in Indonesia reach the 300 rupiahs until 400 milliard. And every year, this industrial market growth reach 10%.

Most of all raw materials of wet tissue paper use the equal elementary substance that is nonwoven (cotton). Differentiating of one product and others are from its thick and mildness. Wet tissue substance is thicker and not easy to rip and also softer. That are the substance which are consisted in wet tissue:

- Water, Tissue surface tend to wet cause aqueous and have good enough absorpsion

- Perfumery, This substance make the tissue own the odorous aroma

- Cleanser, The dissimilar component is cleanser and toning

- Jujube oil, Some wet tissue products are enhancing save jujube oil and not make the allergy

- Alcohol, Actually the function of alcohol is as desinfectan. But usage which excessively exactly result skin to be dry. Alcohol in skin make the oil on the surface of skin upraised and water evaporation even also happened quicker.

Tissue usage in the good nations and in Indonesia metropolis are very easy to met, especially by teenagers. Practical use because of only for once wear. And surely now in the middle of heat of earth temperature, tissue use even also more and more. Only for few times one package tissue can used up for one activity, that is mop the sweat at day time. Not to mention for the other activity. Can be conceived, how many packages will used up in one day. Really very harming habit for environment! Why?

Tissue made by pulp. Pulp come from bar of acacia and eucalyptus tree processed chemically. To make the tissue, producer have to make the plantation of acacia and eucalyptus. Its impact, the wide of natural forest is on the wane replaced with the produce forest for tissue. This unnature ecosystem will be formed and lessen the optimal function of original ecosystem. It is the article of Koesnadi from Sekjend Sarekat Hijau Indonesia (SHI) about simple quantification how Indonesia forest decrease which is effect of tissue use by society.

"If amount of Indonesia resident are 200 million people and every day one people use ½ furl of tissue paper, so its meaning use of paper tissue can reach 100 million furling tissu in one day, meaning for each month tissue usage in Indonesia reach 3 billion furling. If weight of one furling tissue paper is reach ¼ kilogram, so 3 billion yielded about 750.000.000 kilogram equivalent by 750.000 ton. If to yield one ton pulp needed 5 m3 logs, with assumption the log is 120 m3 for each hectare (with diametre 10 up) so have been guessed that forest use to manage the hygiene reach hundreds thousand hectare for each month." And for the forest which have been cut away, need tens of year time in course of rehabilitation to circumstance for the beginning like before cut away. So, the speed of forest decrease by hewing effect is quicker than speed of cure or succession and based on note of WALHI if this matter is non-stoped happened, WALHI predicted more or less from 10 years later Indonesia will not own the forest again.

Decreasing of forest wide can result the ground erosion. Besides erosion, forest ability to permeate CO2 also downhill. Height of CO2concentration in atmosphire cause the height of earth temperature affecting at trouble of environment balance in earth biosphire causing the global warming. As we know that in the 2007 ago, precisely at December, 3th – 11th 2007 Indonesia become the host in United Nation For Climate Change (UNFCC) that is States meeting in a world of studying about global warming, in the meeting mentioned that global warming have come to the very real threat for earthling because global warming have resulted of sea level change. Estimated happened the increase of water sea surface as high as 50 centimetres in the 2100 (IPCC, 1992). For archipelagic country like Indonesia, though the change of sea surface is also influenced by local geology condition (tectonic), sea level rise will bring the negativity impact which significant enough. It will suffuse a lot of important economic areal, like regional settlement and infrastructure, agriculture farm, pond, tourism resort, and port.

The suffusing of important road network as in north coastal Java area have an effect on to fluency of people and goods transportation. Projected about 3.306.215 resident will face the problem in the 2070. Five coastal towns (Medan, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, and Makasar) will face the serious problem because the water sea surface increase as high as 60 cm (ADB, 1994). That way also with the estimate about loss of 4 thousand islands (Minister of Kimpraswil, Kompas August, 8th 2002). Horrible matter is only started from forest depilatory used for the making of tissue and not to mention added by impact from process to get the white colour of tissue, this whitening process needed by chlor (Cl) to pulp which black chromatic. Raw material Cl is toxic, that its waste also still poisonous.

If let, all of the descriptions will see its impact for a long time and will be felt as a result by generation hereinafter. So, start to save the earth now by changing tissue usage with the handkerchief which can be re-used after cleaned. Besides save for the earth, we also can live more economical, right?!

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