Kamis, 14 Januari 2010

Some Ways to Lessen the Global Warming Impact

Talk about Global Warming, still a lot of easy and modestly ways which can be done in our daily. Read and try this ways:

1. Economizing electrics usage, because every electrics thrift 1 KWH = reduction CO2 equal to 0,712 Kilogram. This are alternative way to economize the electrics:

• Economizing computer usage, by hibernate the PC (don't use the Screen Saver) when we take a rest or shut down when not used for a long times, stop to do the batty download which cleanse the computer energy till touch the heat dot.
• Economizing air conditioner (AC) usage, open the window widely or change AC with fan. According to research by one of BUMN in commercial buildings, usage of cooler machine (AC, chiller) is biggest use electricity, about 60-70% from all its electrics invoice. Usage Freon in AC can cause Global Warming where Freon will hold out in atsmosphire during 15 years before finally ravelled.
• Change the neon and red hot lamp by LED. This lamp made from semi-conductor substance, so it’s not produced from carbon substance. If LED used in all the world, totalize energy of the electrics for lighting can decrease till 50%. The difference of carbon emission yielded by a world can reach 300 millions ton in every year.
• Lessen the lamp usage at day time.
• Ascertaining the signer of electrics current indicator have extinguished when not use the electronic appliance.
• Observe the electrics monthly usage, so that we can limit its use efficiently.

2. Economizing the paper usage by using two sides paper, also economize with the program like fineprint.

3. Economizing ink usage. Before printing accustom to see accurately so the mistake of print out not to be happened. Thereby not require to repeat for printing the same file again.

4. Menghemat BBM dengan beberapa cara berikut: " Economizing fuel (BBM) with some ways below:

• chosee domestic product ( for lessening import activity).
• do ecodriving.
• go together with who have the same target to lessen amount of personal vehicle.
• do trip by mass or public vehicle.
• cycling or walk to near target.
• checking tire pressure in order not to slow down the journey.
• if enabling to use the short cut which not in traffic jam.
• push off the machine when you await.
• If you wish to buy the other vehicle or machine, choose which have more efficient of energy usage.
• Some companies support the employees cycling by providing lockers and special parking.
• Technological usage of facility teleconference for the meeting can lessen the duty tour
• Memberi perawatan ekstra pada kendaraan tua. " Giving extra treatment to old vehicle.

5. Go green the earth by planting and take care of the tree, and also preserve the natural forest. Bamboo clump able to permeate the CO2 four times more than other tree.

6. Forest exploitation made balance to with its conservancy, for example by reboisasion, ‘tebang-pilih-tanam’ program and others.

7. Don't burning the garden garbage.

8. Recycling garbage which can recycle.

9. Making biopore hole to lessen the emission of organic garbage compost activity openly.

10. Use the organic manure, because Nitrogen which is consisted in unorganic manure change able to N2O generating effect Glasshouse Gas 320 times bigger than CO2.

11. Closing the pot or pan when cooking to economize the used of gas energy.

12. Lessening to eat the beef, because every kilogaram beef which we eat, equivalent with push on the bulb in 20 watt during 20 days.

13. Don't use the styrofoam, plastic, and clipper

14. Change tissue with the mop or handkerchief.

15. Avoiding usage of hair spray and perfume.

16. Use the product with the tidiness refill.

17. Avoiding cigarette.

18. Look for information about Global Warming, then write it. Hopefully thereby can assist to brighten the reader mind and their knowledge.

Try to do every day. Make all of that as a positive habit of us!

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