Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

Earthquake, Indonesia must to follow Japan

Earthquake is a nature event which difficult to anticipated its happened. Earthquake is not only generating tens of victims defeated and hundreds house damaged, but earthquake also have generated the dread and trauma for many people who feel its super vibration, unexcepted in Indonesia. If the existing technology have able to forecast the happening of earthquake, of course it can prevent to fall more of its victims from this disaster. To face the earthquake, we can learn from Japan, state which excessively incured earthquake, owning more than one hundred volcanoes, and roughed up by hurricane in each year, but they do not surender. Experience to face the awful disaster and awareness of earthquake threat make the government and its society do the preparation to face the disaster better from other states. Japan have the best forewarning system in world.

This below are the ways of Japan people save from earthquake:

1. Japan society are dilligent to do disaster training. At elbow door, they preparing the backpack which can contained with bottle water, dry food or canned foods, medicines, cash, dry clothes, radio or HT (Handy Talkie), flash light, and some substitution batteries. Society can enhance the suplemen, eyeglasses, special medicines, or baby food in their special bag. appliance of earthquake saving are even sold in supermarket.

2. Training to face the disaster conducted routinely, even made a special subject in elementary school.

3. More of Japan properties are invested to build the building and infrastructure which hold up the earthquake. Costly is true, but according by expert, this policy is proven have saved thousands of souls.

4. local government specially trained to announce the happening of disaster and do evacuation quickly. They are also trained on how to distribute the food and blanket in relocation place.

5. Japan society are know to protect their head with the strong desk, so it is not downfall kinds of hardware. Last, under that auspices of desk, they put down the gas stream quickly, and ascertain the door is remain to be opened to lessen the risk of trapped among ruins.

6. Japan resident suggested to keep the shoes in under the bed and bicycle in yard. Shoes to feet safety from glass fraction. While bicycle is most precise transportation appliance at earthquake moment.

7. Japan society activate the earthquake commemoration in their handphone. Children at school own the flame resistant head protector in each of their desks. Not only that, sophisticated earthquake simulator is also used to accustom the children with the earthquake vibration.

8. Governmental of Japan ascertain that the center of nuclear energy and electrics cart will die automatically when earth vibrate in the certain limit.

From the points above, in general socialization of knowledge about earthquake is very require to be conducted. Others need the building reconstruction to hold up the earthquake and also always familiarize to alertness the earthquake, like recognizing sefety place for taking cover in our environment, knowing telephone number of the institutions for emergency condition, preparing food and water, always familiarizing to take care the fragile and heavy goods in the safety location, and also put down the electrics and fire after finishing used. Clearly, BMG (Indonesia Meteorology and Geophysics Institution’s) have given ten guides in face the earthquake coming suddenly wherever we stay. However its situation, we have to calm, because panicity is also will add the danger. Expected the description can lessen the risks and victims of earthquake in Indonesia.

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