Senin, 11 Januari 2010

Creating Free Floods Environment by the Biopore Hole

Overcast sky nowadays is very easy to see. Sun heat is only to a moment stay in Indonesia hemisphere. Air be cold, even chilled. Rain descend. Altogether is a entry sign of the rainy season in Indonesia. Season which old ones waited after length dry season that still not alleviate.

Problem which is often happened when the rains in Indonesia is floods. Start from small floods till big. From which is not dangerous until generating soul victim and items damage. Its cause for example garbage, abundant ground water use, and lack of diffusion farm. One of way which can be gone through for minimalizing the happening of floods because degradation of ground water surface is by making the biopore diffusion hole. This technological is found by Ir. Kamir R Brata MS, lecturer of terralogy, water, and land conservation from Agriculture Faculty at IPB.

Biopore is holes in ground formed by effect of organism activity, like worm, root, creep and other ground animals. Holes formed will be loaded by the air and will become the place to stream of water into ground. In consequence, the rainwater will be permeated into ground and not non-stoped into the lower area.

This technology is applicable in housing area which is 100% waterproof, in aqueduct, in house owning open space even for rice field area in oblique farm. Making of biopore hole better in place which is true real correctness less be fertile and we also have to pay attention to the area, whether the area is dangerous or not for wearer of road.

Every house better own the biopore hole. Ideally, house for the width of 100 m2 own 28 biopore holes. Way of making biopore hole initially is making hole have diametre 10 centimetres with the deepness 30-100 centimetres by using drilling. Space out 0,5-1 metre between hole. While for under tree area, is enough to made three holes for each tree with the formation like equilateral trilateral. Then, make ossification of hole lip to prevent the ground erosion step into the hole and maintain the neaty of the hole trap. Make the hole safety with the iron or strand of metal in order not to fall into hole.

Last, fill the hole with the organic garbage like kitchen garbage, leaf garbage, and other garden garbage. Don't include the inorganic garbage like plastic, battery, and styrofoam into hole. This garbage later will decomposed by organism, so that formed a pore. Thereby, content of ground water can be awaked because water is indirect castaway to dismissal channel, but re-diffuse in the ground. Water which diffuse can lessen possibility of the happening of floods that effect of bubble up dismissal channel. More details click here.

Bye floods!

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