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Crazy Idea to overcome the Global Warming

After posted the steps to lessen the global warming effect, now I will share the crazy ideas and possible futuristic to be done in the effort of overcoming global warming because lessening is not can be told to overcome it yet. In this below, I find from various sources about the procedural to overcome global warming which are not ordinary, because costly and futuristic, even can be assumed crazy ideas.

1. Improving acidity of sea with lime
Pouring lime extract to ocean will discontinue the accumulation of dioxide carbon (C02) gas in earth atmosphire. That is one way of erudite explanation result at conference about solution to overcome the global warming that goes on in Manchester (guardian.co.uk). This erudite project is named Cquestrate and led by Kruger team, former of management consultant. He say that this idea is not only will discontinue the C02 accumulation in ocean but also bring back the ocean condition like before.

2. Sunshade
Shade the earth with a kind of frame from special glass placed in orbit between earth and sun, so that sunlight indirectly incured earth. For boosting up that umbrella to orbit can be used by tower in the form of building which its height to sky to be a road for go up the umbrella carrier to orbit.

3. Encircling earth with the ray reflector glass
Some mans of science propose to make a ring of sunshine and space dirt reflector in orbit roundabout the equator area. This idea will degrade the amount of sunshine radiation which hitting planet and some causes of glasshouse gas. This wild idea will expense very costly, with the price potency about trillion of American dollar.

4. Cloud making
This idea is similar to sunshade, but use the natural umbrella that is cloud. In fact this technological have there to make the rain at area where not rain for a long time, but this technological have the boundaries among other things non purification make the cloud, but only lasing factor at cloud there. Thereby require to be performed a research concerning technology of cloud maker.

5. Sulphur screen
According to sulphur research can assist to degrade the global temperature. Some types of aerosol, where small particles will be snared on the air and result the refrigeration effect in atmosphire. This particles will hinder some sunshine radiations and intersperse them return to space. This matter is visible at mount erupt moment to release the sulphur. If this sulphur dirt follow the wind, hence world will be blanketed by the sulphur so that global temperature even also decrease. But give the sulphur into the air non without risk, its risk is happened by the sour rain and others which destroy enough for environment.

6. Photoplankton
Sea made by photoplankton garden because plankton also give the share in photosynthesis process needing dioxide carbon. When plankton dead, they will sink to ocean base along with carbon which they sipping. Its process in fact is easy only give the urea to sea to quicken the plankton growth. Dissimilar alternative that is fertilize the ocean with the iron material because iron can stimulate plankton growth. Therefore some privat enterprises join to spill the iron into sea to sell the carbon credit, but all mans of science question how efective of carbon absorbtion. Some environmental lover group also warn that iron can hurt the local ecosystem. Others no one can confirmation how its effect to environmental balance if at the last time plankton mastering the sea.

7. Artificial tree
Making appliance to imitate the photosynthesis process from tree. That appliance claimed can exceed the natural tree ability in photosynthesis process. Now only to make that appliance massly and install them in a lot of positions. Of course for that the invesment is also big.

8. Non-Stop to move and mix the ocean
Environmental expert and expert of future, James Lovelock, creator of Gaia hypothesizing, making humorous scheme in overcoming global warming. Lovelock idea is using the pipe for stimulating the mixed of oceans in the world, to deepness, rich water of nutrition will feed the algae corps to suck the dioxide carbon from atmosphire and sink with algae to ocean base when death. But this method is only tentative because the warm-up will be non-stoped happened.

9. Eliminating earth friction from its tinder by breaking the moon
A man of science of mathematics from Iowa university, Alexander, Abian say that the earth climate will be more be balmy if weight of moon lessened or smashed up. This is because of the earth rotation which always shift from its tinder (until 23 degree) caused by attractive force of moon. If this tinder friction is eliminated hence the earth climate will be more be balmy. Nothing area which heat and nothing congelation area. But it just idea. All experts not agreed yet because possibility of earth climate change into worse without moon.

10. Burying carbon gas
When we are non-stoped to heat earth with the dioxide carbon, some mans of science propose to draw the excessive dioxide carbon gas and save it to a place, subterranean possible, coal seam or empty oil and gas farm. To do that, dioxide carbon have to locking out of factory, compresed and hypodermic downwards ground, which will hold out during thousands of year. Still there are some questions concerning expense of dioxide carbon inhalation from factory, and environmental problem to leaking gas from the ground.

11. Cutting gas emission
Proposal for foxing pollution yielded by generating energy, limiting amount of dioxide carbon at business, industrial or state, or Iease imposition to gas emission will bring the emission to lower level by totally, and a lot of state have signed voluntaryly the promise to cut the emission in Protocol Kyoto. Some part states, especially California, have pushed a regulation to overcome the dioxide carbon.

12. fox eat pattern
A man of science have calculated that if all American who have age between 10 until 74 years walk for half hour in one day as subtitution of driving over, hence that will cut the emission of dioxide carbon as much 64 millions ton (as well as some heavy kilogram of body). Food Institution of PBB, Food and Agriculture Organization report that red flesh industry be in control of 18% from gas emission, through usage of brand fertilize, cage fertilize and energy which is needed to transportation of red flesh and food of ranch.

13. Limiting usage of plastic sack and fluorescant lamp
This is possible heard like hasty decision, but in San Francisco, Chinese and Australian all have applied it. Chinese wish to clean its state from "white pollution" (plastic sack corking street and water dismissal). Australian hope to cut the emission of glasshouse gas and degrade the invoice of domestic electrics by vanishing step by step fluorescant lamp usage. Some sizes measure have reached for the momentum in the last year with the governmental interference in fight the plastic garbage and inefficient lamp.

14. Life with the garbage
A technique expert from University of Leeds in English have made the building material from waste substance (vitriform recycle, dusty of ex-combustion). This Bitublocks applicable to build the house. Others in its making also need slimmer energy than making bataco. Other man of science have also raised the proposal of material waste usage from poultry ranch, like quill to make the environmental friendly plastic.

15. Letting worm reside in the kitchen
Worm can good for by placing them into organic garbage later on turn into compost.

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