Rabu, 30 Desember 2009

Wild Animal More Beautiful in Nature

Like its name, wild animal ought to live in wild nature. Following its destiny as animal, non oppositely surrounded in cage by draping its life at human being looking after it. What a nice of the wild animal which is not free to run all day long, but only walk to bustle around in the cage? Very not good and very unnature. As in zoo. Besides for the purpose of economics, target founding of zoo is as protection place for scarce and wild animal. but this target become to impersonate when the animal oppositely become the hunger because the supply of its food is more finite than in its genuiness nature. And the lion which omit two heads, finally remained one head because omitted by other death. How ironic it is!

I remember a story in 'Istoria Da Pas' book by Okke 'sepatumerah'. In its masterpiece, there are a naration about a child so called Gio bracketing his intention to bring back a wild chick which fall from its nestle because he is not find it. Feel in the same boat with the chick because don't have parents, Gio even also decide to look after it in cage. He make the cage as good as and as comfort as possible to the chick. He have been took care of that chick till big and can start to flap the wings. Likely the bird wish flown, but it is not released by Gio. He think that perhaps the bird will be more like and well guaranted with him than free outside there. At fourth months, the bird is not nimble again. It start seen lazy to eat and even lazy to make a move. Finally at two weeks later, that bird die.

That's, animal even also own the instinct for the free life, not like confined. Many people which still have opinion like Gio, that better to remain of take care their wild animal than have to be discharged and don’t know its chance later time. A lot still worry about how that animal will be able to forag without their helped. A lot still think that their care is expression what a pity at the animal, without thought that it is only its egoism, don’t think the easiness of itself animal. Isn't it true that love is give best for the easiness of the animal? and that matter is freedom. About how it will be able to forag, God have created all his creatures fully calculation. Exactly if us remain to confine it coexist the us, hence the animal will not be trained to get its destiny as animal in the wild life. The lion will not be seen Iurid again when cage. It become the persiflage substance of zoo visitor which look on it. The lion have losed spirit as forest king.

Dissimilar things of when we intend to take care of the animal requiring help, for example like Gio. Saving sore wild chick. But, when its condition is convalesce, we ought to bring back it to nature. Such as those which have been done in Meru Betiri, East Java, Indonesia representing turtles habitat. In this place, this turtles protected till its eggs hatch. The funny turtle babes even also will be discharged to sea to be self-supporting to experience their life.

Care the nature, care the wild animal. If one component of ecosystem annoyed hence balance of ecosystem itself even also will be annoyed. For example the wild animal arrest like tiger continually will make deer as one of its food rapidly grow. As a result, population of grass progressively attenuate because fulfilling deer and various other herbivores requirement. Hereinafter, availibility of food even also used up and will affect at herbivores destruction. Will we let it? Don't confess to care at nature if still look after the wild animal!

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