Sabtu, 12 Desember 2009

Unique Paper from Unproductive Crop

Hearing word 'paper' we will be assorted mindful of matters. How not? Paper have become our requirement in everyday which difficult to replace. To note, to drawing, packer, and others. Such as those which we know that main raw material of papermaking is wood. In this situation, wood or tree have becoming of primary requirement for all earthling. Not only for paper raw material, but also building material, domestic housewares. At the ecological sides, tree is one of life source. Why? This matter because of tree can yield the oxygen to breathe and tree also can lessen the global warming effect. If the tree is continuously exploited redundantly without a rejuvenation, hence its ecological function even also will follow to decrease. As one forming of 4R concept that is Replace, require to be thought the other alternative to tree substitution as paper raw material.

Based to its history, in China at 95 before Masehi, paper made by substance of rummy crop waste. A lot have try various alternative of raw material for the papermaking, among other things are seagegrass, rice straw, eceng gondok straw, cane, murbei, bamboo, banana sheet, and sea grass. Paper from kinds of alternative besides wood have the unique character. This papers are applicable to various needs, writing, drawing, even for the handicraft raw material. As handicraft raw material, this paper will add the beauty of it because owning exotic natural patterns. So that, besides can participate in the environment preservation, we also can add the production with the unproductive crop as cheap capital.

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ephyn on 10 Januari 2010 10.15 mengatakan...

Mengurangi penggunaan kertas dari kayu untuk menyelamatkan hutan. Karena, setiap hari sampah kertas dunia berasal dari 27.000 batang,belum ditambah dengan pemakaian kayu untuk bahan baku mebel dan lainnya ya...huft.

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