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Sun Storm, May It’s Not the End of Earth

2012 is very popular lately. This film is often considered to be film about the end of earth civilization which finally more knowledgeable as "day of resurrection" film by its audience. This matter as according to manuscript from Maya tribe that in this year will emerge the big galaxy wave so that it results desisting of all activities on this earth. But, from erudite facet based to monitoring the center of atmosphere weather watcher at some states since 1960th, the phenomenon which can be estimated became about 2011th – 2012th is sun storm.

What is the sun storm?
Sun Storm will happen when emerging flare and Coronal Mass Ejection ( CME). Flare is big explosion in Sun atmosphere which its energy is equivalent by 66 millions times from the explosion of atom bomb in Hiroshima. As for CME is the very big explosion which is causing particle papyrus that has speed to 400 kilometres for each second. From Sun, milliard of electron particles to coat of Earth ionosphere during four days. (

Have been happened previously?
Awful sun storm have been became of at the morning September 1th in 1859. Famous English astronomer, Richard Carrington whose is perceiving sun, discovering light goes out from sun surface. That light form the big Iump when it goes to the earth. Only in 48 hours, that Iump arrives to the earth and its effect excrutiatingly. Earth like incured by a very big electrics field. But the cure in that epoch took place very quickly. How about the present day which mostly its activity need electrics?

Sun storm affects are:

  • influencing condition of atmosphere payload till earth magnet

  • affecting at electrical system, for example telephone, internet, clean water ready

  • affect at transportation that using Global Positioning System ( GPS) satellite, for example air transportation and sea transportation

  • affect at communications system that using satellite of communications and high frequency wave (HF) endangering life or human being health, especially for consumer race heart appliance

Step for anticipatory
Without electrics, the earth will experience of the darkness. Mostly activities will be desisted. Hence to anticipate it, require to be launched a new satellite to perceive what is going on in the sun, especially coat of ionosphere and geomagnetic, and also radiowave. While for the minimalizing of affect to civilization activity inthe earth, steps which can be taken are:

  • drawing up power station reserve

  • otherwise enable to operate the power station reserve, better to conduct the extinction of electrics when storm moment come, temporarily use the candle

  • air transportation and sea transportation which are reliing on GPS satellite as navigation system shall use the manual system when storm moment happened

  • performing a kind of training to face the trouble of radio HF sinyal

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