Jumat, 11 Desember 2009

Stop the Inhalation of Abundant Ground Water

Clean water crisis and drinking water become very felt when a long drought moment arrive. At the last time, the most finding difficulties are people who very base on of rainwater in fulfilling their amount of water required. But nowadays, every person who have subscribed to drinking water company, because the supply of clean water often stuck. Water supply which have used up, river even also run dry, added again with clear aqueduct of relevant institution is not fluent, making some people make it as opportunity in trying. Only with buy the water absorber and plastic aqueduct as the capital, they inhale the ground water and money come copious to them. See the big advantages meagrely capital, others are even also interested to imitate it. And finally they fight to inhale the ground water for the shake of answering the demand personal requirement and sell it to others. This represent the grievous phenomenon. Not to mention people who think that they have accomplishment of clean water required is well guaranted, will just withou considering to use it redundantly.

Inhalation of abundant ground water activity continuously result to decrease the ground water supply and even earn used up, remember that the forest function as depositor of ground water nowadays also have decreased. Wherever forest condition have seen grievous. Damage forest by illegal loging, convert to become the farm develop and plantation, produce forest wide progressively, forest fire, etc. If ground water used up, absorber will inhale any waters that found in ground. This matter cause the inhaling of sea water, especially in area which is near to coast.

At the nearby area with coastal or close to sea is happened the meeting between water sea with the fresh water which so called interface. This interface can be sordid up at sea and also land depended big or minimize of rain water augmentation. If rain water augmentation is very big, hence interface will be sordid up at sea, while if rain water augmentation is a few or nothing at all, hence interface will be sordid up at land. Thereby, imaginable where direction of interface at the dry season moment. With the fresh water current degradation to sea, interface will step into the ground and sea intrusion will be happen. And surely if added with the existence of ground water inhalation, this intrusion process will faster happened. As a result the water consumed will be felt briny because mixed with the sea water.

If the ground water have been contaminated by the sea, hence clean water source supply even also will be decrease. If will be used as a drinking water, require to be processed beforehand such as those which have been done in Madura-Indonesia and Japan. Therefore, require to be conducted prevention to pursue the happening of intrusion. Among are by making diffusion well, non-abundant in ground water use, and take care of the forest continuity. Don't water which included in the innovated resource which can be change to cannot be innovated because of rareness.

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