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Drink Tea? Good but not too much

sora no shita de ookiku natte
wakai shinsen na midori
yakuni tatemasyou
shinme chan ookiku natte
its meaning :
Grow high under the sky
Be the beam young green
You will always used
Grow high my darling tea leaf

That's japan tradition, the Japan traditional song which every planting the crop, they always sing on the chance so that the crop can thrive.

Drink the tea is true have become the tradition of asia nations. But nowadays, because of various tea benefits have been found hence the other nations even also follow to consume it. How about you? Do you like drink tea? Or possible be hobby?
Based on to process of its making, the type of tea are divided to four kinds, that are green tea, black or red tea, oolong tea and white tea. But the best quality is green tea because it is not dried by using sunshine but using special draining technique. While the other type tea are processed by fermentation. Up to now tea benefits which have been found are:

  1. Containing the antioxydan 'catechins' which can pursue the growth of tumor cell and protect the healthy cell from damage. Antioxydan obstetrical from two of cups tea are equivalent by 7th glasses of orange juice or 20th glasses of apple juice (the research center of antioxydan, London)

  2. Containing the amino especially theanine or caffeine which can improve the body ability to fght the infection with the cells stimulus

  3. Improving bone density as preventative and cure the osteoporosis and also the other bone diseases, lessening calculus risk, lessening risk of damage and holes at tooth, and also pursue the infection of influenza virus

  4. Lessening infark (network death because of haemorrahage trouble) risk of the heart muscle at cardiovaskuler disease

  5. Lessening demensia (function retreating think) risk because it containing catechins polifenol especially EGCC (epigallocatechin gallate) which can assist to repair the diseases of nerve retreating, like alzheimer and parkinson

  6. Having ability to improve the highest insulin activity, so that the tea good for preventing diabetes (agriculture departmental research at USA)

  7. Assisting to quicken the metabolism level because its antioxydan can help the work of liver effectivelly, so that can slim the body

  8. Arresting free radical (antioxydan) which groaning face and prevent the poleness at skin so that see fresh and ageless.

 Tea is true can give the benefit to all its drunkards, but there are also some certain people whose not suggested to consume too much tea because it can be dangerous for their health. Unfavourable obstetrical of tea for body is caffeine (theanine) which can pursue the process of food absorbtion. Safe boundary to consume the caffeine in one day is 750 mg for each day or equivalent by 5th fairish teacup 200 ml. Therefore the prohibited condition for too much to consuming tea are:

  1. Kidney annoyed (cannot arrest the urine or incontinensia) because the function of tea is launch the dismissal irrigate

  2. Pregnant woman, because tanin in tea can compound with the ferrum in food which and it is not permeated by body. Besides can result the anaemia and ferrum insuffiency of pregnant woman, this matter also can result the foetus be insuffiency of wafting ferrum. Caffeine and stimulan matter at tea also can stimulate the gracious contraction

  3. Suckling women shall not to drink the tea jell, because caffeine can lessen the expenditure milk irrigate. Others caffeine also can enter into baby body through the milk which can result the baby intestine be spastic

  4. Fever, because drinking tea do not can degrade the body temperature but exactly will improve the hot temperature of his body. This matter because of theophyline which implied in the tea can heighten the body temperature, even make the function of descender body temperature medicinize be decrease or lose

  5. Nerve and insomnia, because the caffeine content in tea can boost up the elementary metabolism, so that will make difficult to sleep and feel jumpy

  6. Less bloody patient, because can lessen the synthetic haemoglobin in the body and its disease can growing hard

  7. Constipation don't drink the tea jell because the tanat acid in tea have the role of astringen, that is weaken the work of intestine channel, so that its disease will progressively growing hard

  8. Children, because after drinking tea, children will easy to build up their spirit, the passion eat is down, the mucous membrane of digestion channel decreases so that influence the food digestion and its absorbtion. Tanat acid in the tea also can influence the absorbtion of vitamin B and ferrum in food so that result decrease both of haemoglobin and eritrosit volume, so that they easy to attacked anaemia

  9. Someone who have the high blood pressure and incure heart dissease have to avoid to drink the tea jell, because caffeine rate in tea can stimulate the people and boost up its blood pressure. If they remain to drink the tea hence their heart will tick quickly, feel very jumpy even experience of the arrhythmia or inexistence of heart rhythm

 Therefore, so tea benefit can be felt by body, require to be paid attention to the condition when consume it and measuring correctly. As suggestion, someone who his stomach is empty better don't drink tea because can increase the products of acid bounce up. Avoid to drink the tea mixed with by sugar because can decrease its contained, and don't drink tea which whole evening because a lot of its contain have oxidized and expired so that give bad affect for the body.

Let’s drink the tea according to measuring and feel its benefit!

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