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Organic Vegetable Exeed on Mineral, Protein Content and Free Carcinogen

Government of United States as exponent of organic food substance specifies the standart that was called organic is food substance which is 100% or at least 95% produced without chemical manure, insecticide, herbicide, antibiotic, growth hormone, radiation for the sterilization and animal or crop which had been genetically modified (GMO, Genetically Modified Organism). According to Prof.Dr.Ir.Ali Khomsan, Ms., nutritionist from Agricultural Institute of Bogor (IPB), defining organic food substance is all food substance coming from life organism. Organic by itself relate to something that contain the carbon, ought to all food substance which contain carbon element referred as organic. Inclusive of planted with the chemical manure and contain the pesticide. But society more recognizing the organic term is mean the food substance which have been developed organicly, without pesticide or unnature fertilizer.

Organic food substance have been developed use the natural technology. Ground fertility defended with the nature fertilizer, like compost and cage fertilize, and illicit pesticide. With the natural fertilization and without insecticide, earth-worm population is be increase, ground have more nitrogen so that fertile naturally. To overcome the pest, can be done by cross in plant position to each crop type so that can breaking the link of crop pest attack, like strategy of intersection or combination with the onion leaf. Spraying is also done to use anti pest from nature. A period of harvest is even also harvested according to rule. If determined one month hence harvested one month. By the chemical manure, crop can be harvested quicker and result of its product is bigger. Because not use the chemical manure, hence organic crop do not destroy the ground on a long term, and so referred as a future crop.

The way of easiest to differentiate the organic food and anorganic is by paying attention to there is or not its 'organic' lable at product which will you buy. Organic food processed by very differing compared to product of conventional food. Not only free from the chemical elements (pesticide, fertilize, hormone, medicines), but also have to fulfill the international conditions which is determined. In West, more and more products of fresh fruits and vegetables are have organic lable. Also in the form of processed food like cereal, baby food, and or organic pasta. Even this matter have become the philosophy. Even a lot of researches which showing that remains of pesticide at the fruit and vegetable are still in safe point, there is not research which surely showing its cumulative affect yet. Some health problems which happened in 50th years lately, anticipated to have the relation introducedly of pesticide use.

From case of the bosom cancer mounting 40%, prostate cancer, average of the downhill sperma man until 50%, until one from 150 newborn of boys experience the hypospadiasm (awkwardness form of the man genitals). Even though, organic fruit and vegetable is not well guaranted free from the disease source (virus or bacterium). Organic vegetable have the higher level risk to contagious of wafting disease, because it is usually washed by the non chloride water. Ordinary water assumed do not able to kill the bacterium and virus which patch at vegetable and fruit.

Certain organic food substance like vegetable and fruit, obstetrical of its mineral is better if compared to convesional food substance. Like saying of Ali Khomsan, some researches are showing vegetable like cabbage, tomato and cress, have higher obstetrical of calcium mineral, phospor and magnesium than the anorganic vegetable. Like organic tomato, its calcium content 23 mg while anorganic tomato only have 5 mg. From the feel, organic food substance also more delicious. Organic fruit and vegetable more crunchy, sweeter and durable. While which is non, have high water content, so that likely less be sweet and quicker decay. A laboratory independent in America have different fact. Research to organic whole-wheat of agricultural produce is contain 24% higher than a wheat planted conventionally

Besides exeeding from nutrition also feel, organic food substance also free remains of pesticide and dangerous chemicals. By not aware, this matter will be piled up continuously in our body. In long term, it will improve the cancer risk in our body because it have carsinogen character which is the cause of cancer. So, better to prevent by changing over to organic food substance than we must to overpay costly for the health expense which effect of generated pain.

Some researches are showing that organic food have the higher level nutrition content if compared to conventional product. Research observed by Chris Aleson, president of The Organics Retailers and Growers Association of Australia is showing that mount of the calcium, pottasium, magnesium, sodium, ferrum and zinc at organic vegetable are 10% higher. One of the nutrition obstetrical height cause at organic product is cause by irradiation process of anorganic product. The radiation ray used to conserve the conventional product is not only for disinfecting germ and bacterium but also break some chemical molecule components and alter it become the free radical.

Dissimilar research is showing that the obstetrical of vitamin A, B Complex, C, E and K in vegetable which radiated decrease until 80%. Organic product is not allow the pickling technique with the chemicals. Moreover, this matter is not too required. Some organic farmers even confess that organic vegetable more durabel. High content of nutrition also represent effect of more fertile organic farmland condition and looked after. Pesticide used in conventional agriculture annihilate the microbe of vitamin enzyme producer which required by crop.

Up to now still be there society which shy to chosen the bad performance vegetable, though that represent one of organic product marking. The developing naturally will yield the food substance which pertained graceless in its performance, especially for vegetable. A lot are wormeaten holey and insect. But from the quality feel, organic food is true better. Organic vegetable more crunchy, sweeter and likely more natural. Chilli and a plant (kemangi leaf) are more hot, and cucumber is smaller but more amount water contain.

Now consumer entitled to chosen, buying conventional food substance cheaply but contain the remains of chemicals or vegetable which have ugly appearance, costly but safe for health. Just because limited production, the price be more expensive. But, organic vegetable election is felt less benefit for health if in its processing remain to use chemical fell amuser. For that, it is so important to know the way of vegetable processing correctly so that its gizi content remain to be intact and lessen the pesticide content which possible in it.

Keep healthy with organic vegetable!

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