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Green Dolls


the HORTA grass Doll represents a plant media that tidy in the form of doll which if it is sprinkled every day at its head tabletop, it will be growed by crop grass (as does hair of at human being). That's the innovate masterpiece by Asep Rodiansah and friends from IPB. HORTA is dissimilar abbreviation of 'horticulture', merely memory at one blow pride for his origin faculty. Although the research into the product have early since 2004, newly in the early 2007 they focus to develop result of their masterpiece become the commercial product. Confessed, in fact the grass doll is non purification idea from that IPB’s grad. Initially they have known that there is grass doll from Nederland but seed and substance utilized are differ, so that the way of its making also differ. this crop doll is made at longest able to live on 3 months because in the finite media, the crop cannot grow for a long time.

The early target of education toy which is result of Asep idea with his group is dissimilar as medium of agriculture recognition for children. In order to they can interested, the crop media is tidy in the form of looking like human or animal doll, equiped by the seed therewith substances which are needed to the crop growth (hydrophonic media). In the practice, so that the grass seed is can grow hence have to be soaked in the water in one hour or more with the inversed position, then have to be sprinkled routinely minimize twice in one day. On the third or at longest one week, will grow the sprout above doll head. And the further, it is become a doll with the head hair which can grow length. It’s educating, at one blow see to joke and interesting. Children can learn to perceive the crop growth and play at the same time. This game is started when child soak the doll head in the water, then they perceive the grass growth at the part of doll head every day. If the grass have growed too high, they can make a creation by cutting grass as their want both of style and form. In this time, this HORTA doll is not only for children but also to all age as present, activity souvenir, wedding souvenir, house or office decoration, and hobby.

As growth media and also as decoration, hence to form the doll weared the substance from sawdust waste of special wood type which easy to got. Its problem exactly is its grass seed. Besides hard obtained, its price is also rather costly. Based on the research, not any grass seed are applicable in HORTA doll media. From the different of variety type is also result the different quality. So initially, each buying time, the substance must be tested beforehand. Even previously have tried to use the local seed, but in the reality it is less succeed. Therefore till this time they only mention the grass type, but the variety is represent the concealed patent. Nowadays, development of HORTA with the crop besides grass, like vegetables or flowers type.


POTTY doll represents the substitution of ordinary pot at home. Differ from the HORTA doll, this POTTY doll is crop pot in the form of doll which can be cultivated multifarious kinds of mini decorative crop, like kuping gajah, keladi, sanseiviera, cactus, etc. Seed of vegetable and flowers also can be planted in it. POTTY doll have the education concept that teach the child early on to plant, take care and love the crop, so that expected to grow their love to nature and environmental. Others, this doll also can become the present or souvenir of wedding or children birthdays, and also room decorator.

This doll become the durable and unique pot because the doll contains the media of plant. Doll is designed like this so that root of crop can grow on into doll. In the tidiness have been made available seed and pot containing ground for planting. The steps of planting that are by taking a little ground from pot and then seed flattenedly and re-close it with the ground. Seed will be grow at 3-7 days after planting (depended on the type). Sprinkle every day by 5-6 tablespoons water. Keep the doll in the place which enough sunlight so that the crop can grow better. If seed or crop dead, it replaceable with the other seed or mini crop.

Well, let’s go green our life!

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