Selasa, 08 Desember 2009

Go Green with Local Wisdom

Indonesia is rich of wisdom culture to environment. But unhappily, local wisdom which existing in the Indonesian people is threatened to eliminate. Local wisdom often conception as local policy, local knowledge (local knowledge) or local intellegence (local genious). Local wisdom is view live and science and also various extant life strategies of activity which done by local society in replying various internal issues for their requirement accomplishment. Local wisdom basically can be viewed as base for forming spirit of nation in national. Thereby by taking care of local wisdom, nation identity will make everlasting. But on the contrary, if that local wisdom lose so do identity nation.

Basically, original culture of Indonesia proven to have the philosophy which supporting environment, as in Java famous with the philosophy of Hamemayu Hayunig Bawana, Tri Hita Karana in Bali and Flower Alam Terkembang Jadi Guru in Tanah Minang. Then there are also various tradition wisdoms, like Sasi in Moluccas, Awig-Awig in South-East Nusa, Bersih Desa in Java, Nyabuk Gunung in Sunda, management sinkhole with the heap petrify in Gunung Kidul, the sea management in Pulau Tiga area (consecrating special areas, interdict to kill or catch the special animal, respect to sea, conservancy coral reefs, and technological use simple arrest), sarong as place of shopping goods at Tengger, custom of sasi in part of Moluccas, consanquinity relation in an usilimo at Papua, adding cultural properties of Indonesia which support the environment

Religion are embraced by Indonesia society, start from Islam, Hindu, Christian, Budha And Konghuchu, also proven to teach the followers to take care of and look after their environment. Local wisdom source of society steming from teaching of religion and belief smelling mystique, owning principles which have bases of ecology and ecosystem. Though local wisdom which identified sometimes only at folkways, but ideas and values that related to environmental management (like sea, forest, water resource, etc.) have indicated to the existence of saving effort and continuation of environment whose done by society at since long time ago.

In fact, nowadays in modern urban community even also grow various environmental wisdom, as does garbage management in Banjar Sari Jakarta, Sukunan Yogyakarta, Karah Surabaya, Kassi-Kassi Makasar, and others. All of that environmental wisdoms, if we preserve, it will so central in the effort of earth saving. Because as social strength, that environmental wisdom will be the essential requirement of environment management in Indonesia. But in its management require to be supported by wisdom of institutions and constitution which applicable and in harmony with social cultur of society. Institution and constitution which formed better can deputize the idealism, wisdom practice, accomodating philosophy of norm and ethics going into effect in society.

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