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Fight Dirty of Town with Mural Art

Growth of a town can be felt and realized into art where its growth will bear a system in society which in other structure and culture ( Witjaksono, 2007). This matter because art represent an activity which always converse the human life. The Urban Problem about social, cultural, politics and economics earn also expressed by itself art. growth of space of town and society and also cultural political elements partake to expand along expand an urban art including public arts and public road arts (Wardhani, 2007)

Town problems in the case of visualisation of town representation as clean place, healthy, not bother the view, natty and arranged sometime implementation less better. In RTRW Surabaya 2015 for example, mentioned that development vision is Go to Surabaya as Balmy Service Town, Powered, Cultured, and With justice. But, in reality Surabaya less can visualizing especially from artistic side. This matter because less involve of all actor to be able to have contribution in visualizinging town face. Personal of town like this make the artistic worker difficulty in developing their imagination energy in a space so called public space.

Urban Art born caused by longing for the respon of society creativity which live in the urban area with all of its problems. Hence emerge the effort from a group of people to demonstrate and conducive to the medial art of society by conducting freedom to have expression in public space (Sutedja, 2007). Expression presented is expression for trying to make a picture the frequent problems happened and predominate the society urban. But, application of urban art by self will go out from previous target otherwise there is settlement, operation, and observation. In this case that happened is non beautify town, but oppositely also make worse and add the impression confused of town face. Existence of vandalism is immediately handled to realize the artistic target of mural initially. Mural art as art which can make good visualizing the town from effect of progressively denseness of transportation and number height of personal vehicle ownership which cause of jam and pollution, dwelling density add the ambient temperature felt hot progressively.

Literally, vandalism represent the mutilation activity, defacing or damaging surface/appearance from something. Direct to vandalism usually aim to the common property or can be referred as a public space. This matter is possible caused by two matters. First, unclear of public space ownership, so that minimize the possibility to discontinue or catch the perpetrator. Second, different observation level with the individual observation. Third, existence of view that common property is "others property" so that in addition, hence there will be "others" to improve (Wicandra And Angkadjaja, 2005).

According to Witjaksono (2007), many kinds of urban art materialization, among other things is street art (artistic of public road) that are mural and graffity above stonewall media. Case that happened in Surabaya representing one of metropolitan town with all its resident activity is solid. At this town, a lot of art worker owning creativity to create the unique grafittyes. One of masterpiece type which emerge and expand is grafitty which is not concepted. Its impression simply just scrawling in any place. At public spaces which not yet been exploited by a lot of used as media of various grafitties and gluing advertory. This matter is referred as vandalism which can destroy the artistic image truthfully. dirty town Surabaya become progressively confused with the existence of the swan song.

According to all bombers (mention for the maker of graffity) in Surabaya, mentioning that target to make the graffity of none other than for the beautify of town. However oftentimes all this bomber digress from the beginning target. This matter because in making graffity of there are side vandalism done by bomber (Wicandra And Angkadjaja, 2005). Graffity Surabaya which still newly expand and also existing young soul in this young actor personality cannot be discharged from spirit of rebellion, anti setled condition and challenge. Wish to show him even is not cattish mention his self as a vandalis become the separate pride of a bomber.

Especial target of bomber clan is wall which do not keep. Brick up to paint to turn white also become the target for the graffity of tagging. This form become a kind of 'enemy' for town government and also other dissimilar actor. Others, graffity tagging also befall the other masterpiece (mural) with the article/words which exactly progressively make worse the image.

In visual ecology, target of beautify the town with the colourful picture more finding its artistic value than wall which only in white paint or wall sticked by the pamphlet and advertisement poster which confused because picture represent the most effective visual language. Assess the hygiene differ from the value of beauty. Wall which only turn white the cleanness will only generate the visual monotone saturation and in the centre of very hot town like Surabaya. Others if sun broiling, white colour will only generate the psychological effect of fatigue because the colour bedazzle the eye (Wicandra, 2005).

Urban planning problem, likely represent which is not easy to formulated. There are three keys player here that is government, society, and capital owner own the difficult importance brought into contact. But, not realized, actor also can follow to have contribution in the urban planning development, especially in the form of visual. Visual ecology very go together the interaction of existing aspect environmentally is vinicity, for example settlement, countrified, housing, white colars and other place. Visual artistic product which also exist from aspect follow to hold responsible to environmental balance. Mural art become one of alternative which can be made as environmental balance when town environment do not give freshness again for the five senses completely, but with the mural attendance, minimum eye can enjoy the beauty of town dotted with all kinds of imagination drawn in mural (Wicandra, 2005).

Artistic growth of mural spelled out across with tren of modern town settlement majoring to respect with the clean appearance. Mural jell with the dirty town association, representation of irregularity, lessening safety, easy criminality, and vandalism in public space. Mural attendance expected can create the communications visually is more aesthetic at its society to form the better town civilization through messages which is consisted in it (Wicandra, 2005). For that, in making Mural Art to decorate the town or environmental, no longger can become a masterpiece "egoist" or at the discretion of making itself mural.

Mural is one of urban art forming, which is portrayed at stonewall in public space. Mural addressed to the beautify of town. Impressive of deductible dirty town with the artistic location arrangement of mural planned maturedly. Others, in mural consisted in a message and assess the custom confidence with and also understanding of social characteristic expected by earn until to public. For example, mural attended for the image of condition around, among other things mural just to importance esthetic, to voice the social condition of culture, economic as well as politics. Icon and region symbol mapped by mural art can be made by a separate specification. For that, mural application given high priority at location which is close to crowded area.

Mural art also differ from the art graffity though both inclusive of street art. Elementary difference from second of the art is substance used for the paint. Artistic of mural use the substance paint the wall, while art graffity use the paint spray (called pelog). Others, art graffity only contain the article or sign which less be clear because usually in the form of existential message of mere town youngster, while mural masterpiece tend to represent the masterpiece colase depicting people, place, and clear words express the issue expanding wide in society (Rozak, 2006).

At its growth, mural have come to the part of public art/urban art entangling communications two direction. Mural actor do the communications visually to society to what wishing pouring, while society direct interaction able to to actor. This matter progressively show in mural art, that interaction is not only conducted visually embracing view 'artistic is art' without definitive responsibility, but mural also able to draw near it self as art which have interaction by verbal. In this case, society get the clarification in the world of arts and technically, civil society also can take role as actor (Wicandra, 2005).

Icon and region symbol mapped by pursuant to area of mural in making also become the separate specification. Mural in Jakarta will differ from mural in Bandung and also mural in Jogjakarta of pursuant to certain icon intake. Figure icon in nearer puppets by Jogjakarta will be taken to mark the the region (picture 5). This matter to peep out the typical culture from a region, so that mural is not simply media of arts conversing without message but able to peep out the town identity.

Mural art in town Gudeg (Jogjakarta) expand very fertile, proven from broadness of area of mural spreading. This spreading area from commercial area till column and area of prop of fly over. Artistic of mural have given the separate esthetics image for this town gudeg face. Because beside legal process passed by all actors mural pass the permit of wall owner or governmental, added by the existence of forms of compromise and guarantee of masterpiece quality from all its actor. Quickly and the wide-speading of this movement also effect of appearance of awareness of study benefit will through social messages of mural, like message of anti narkoba, anti corruption, or social difference. Citizen felt to enjoy the role and also their reality for environmental effort beautify, as great as expressing their self pass the message which they submit (Rozak, 2006).

Artistic mural growth slowly have entered and disseminate to public space in Surabaya. This matter is seen from expanding its community doing matter which is similar to artistic community in Jogjakarta. Mural made in Surabaya more emphasizing at mural exploiting as hygiene element and beauty of town. This matter because concrete building of dwelling house which is located in strategic joint streets do not enable in paint as does concrete house building in Jogja, Bandung and Jakarta. So that mural location even also very minim conducted in strategic joint streets (Obed, 2006).

In Surabaya mural do not only done by mural actor, but also by school student with the immeasurable theme. For example one of school in Surabaya do the race muralization in place school self. Though just race, but activity like this can grow the creativity soul, eliminating dirty environment impression and also more loving environment of around them. During the time, mural art applied in Surabaya gate by UK PETRA. Its Implementation is conducted sporadicly and insidentil, usually moment there is certain events, like commemoration of red-letter day etc. This matter generate its tardy of mural growth in Surabaya. Others, mural function which same with culturally make the government in Surabaya less give the attention to this artistic growth. Not like Jogjakarta representing town culturally as image of the core important. Art public road rapidly grow in Jogjakarta and progressively expand when facility have officially by government, so that conceived of 'Mural Town'.

Look into the mirror at artistic growth of mural in Jogjakarta, mural artistic represent the mass culture where in its growth no longger be made by actor but exactly by society. They do that mural in roadside of scope of RT (the smaller society group) and also way in gangway (Wicandra, 2006). This matter is effective enough to lessen the dirty impression in residential and as looser stress. Become, here there is a beneficial symbiosis between government and society.

See enthusiastic of grafitty artistic in various angle of Surabaya, hence can be exploited as effort beautify visualizing the town. Considering successful Jogjakarta apply the mural art (Wicandra, 2005), hence Surabaya also require to consider the artistic applying of this public road. And surely conducive potency is implementation this masterpiece is made available in Surabaya. Expected by appearance of physical and deductible ugly Surabaya condition with the space settlement for the mural art.

Strive the visual repair of town in realizing image of urban Surabaya have to continuously, so that require to be developed by a condition which condusive usher the stakeholder, by government, private sector, actor and also society. Role of each stakeholders have to walk by sinergies. Government as owner from the public space give the opportunity or place for actor to the expression. While society and private sector follow to assist in its conservancy and also in workmanship of itself mural.

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