Senin, 07 Desember 2009

Damage Forest, Threatened Environment Sustainability

"Take nothing but picture, leave nothing but footprint, and kill nothing but time!"

That sentence will often we hear when rock climb, hike montain or observation in the nature, like cave, coastal, and also others original area. And surely if the area is included in area of conservation or national park. That matter is intended to protect the area from damage, even destruction except which is resulted from factor unnature. One of damage which is often happened is forest fire. Mostly its caused by human error. Often we hear that burnting of forest initially because of stub thrown promiscuously when it still burn, bonfire pickings, and garbage combustion. Such as those which is latterly happened in forest at Santa Barbara, a part state of California, USA. Investigation team express that the conflagration because of electrics sprinkling from appliance of crop cleaner. Sum up the material loss is so big. Thereby, negligence of human being in taking care of environment will cause the ugly impact for human being itself.

Nature activity which a lot of liked now is hiking. In hiking for the shake of natural preservation, they must to pay attention to this things:

  • Not fire the fire uncontrolledly which can cause the forest fire, for example to the bonfire, cook, burning garbage, etc.

  • Not bother the elements of existing habitats and typical animals

  • Not throw away the unorganic garbage like paper, plastic, can bottle. That garbage have to be brought to return. While the organic garbage better be piled up in the ground so that is quickly ravelled

  • Not hunt the animal, taking plant, any den or egg, especially if the mount hiked is included in conservation area (preserve, national park)

  • Not destroy the tree and rock with the streak paint or incise it with the knife

  • Lessen as possible hewing or amputation of tree and bush for anything, for example to bonfire, cook, and tent stick. Just use the wood or stick that falled down

  • At the night time hiking don't use the torch as lighting, better use the flashlight

  • Not contaminate the existing water source with the soap, oil and others kind

  • Not defecate at the existing water source so that the water is not impure coli bacterium

  • Not throw away the object that contain fire (for example stub) during hiking or climbing

  • Not make the convulsing (conversing to ossify, sounding radio or others music tolls) which can bother the animal life

Besides hiker, other whose entering forest also have to pay attention to that mentioned things. Need for making regulation to arrange the activity of illegal loging and illegal mining with the regulation that based on environment, so that it can protected from damage. For going concern natural preservation, will improve our life quality. More green the forest, well guaranted the quality of air and water in our earth.
Save Our Jungle!

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