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The Beautiful Indonesia, Lets protect!

What is national park? What is the difference with the preserve and animal asylum?

1. Preserve

Preserve is area of nature protection owning typical plant, animal, and ecosystem so that require to be protected. Growth of animal and plant, taking place naturally. As according to its function, preserve can be exploited for the research, science development, and tourism. There are two preserve types that are land preserve and sea preserve. In Indonesia land preserve for example : Morowali Preserve in the Middle Sulawesi, Nusa Kambangan Preserve in Central Java, Mount Papandayan Preserve in West Java, Dolok Sipirok Preserve in North Sumatra, Pine Forest of Janthoi Preserve in NAD (Aceh). While the example for sea preserve are Archipelago of South-East Aru Preserve in Moluccas, Anak Krakatau Island Preserve in Lampung, and Archipelago of Karimata Preserve in West Kalimantan.

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2. Animal Asylum

Animal asylum is area of nature asylum owning typical of variety and animal type, and to the continuity of animal life can be done the construction to its habitat. In Indonesia, land animal asylum for example : Rawa Singkil animal asylum in NAD (Aceh), Padang Sugihan animal asylum in South Sumatra, Muara Angke animal asylum in DKI Jakarta, South Tambora animal asylum in West South-East Nusa, Lamandau animal asylum in Middle Kalimantan, and Buton animal asylum in South-East Sulawesi. While sea animal asylum are Panjang Archipelago animal asylum in Papua, Kassa Island animal asylum in Moluccas, and Foja animal asylum in Papua.

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3. National Park

National park is area of nature continuation owning genuiness ecosystem managed with the zoning system. National park can be exploited for the purpose of research, science development, and tourism. Like preserve and also animal asylum, there are two types of national park, that are land and sea. Land national park are Leuser National Park in North Sumatra, Ujung Kulon National Park in Banten, Meru Betiri National Park in East Java, Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park in East Java, and Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park in Riau. While the sea national park are Seribu Archipelago National Park in DKI Jakarta, Komodo National Park in East South-East Nusa, and Bunaken National Park in North Sulawesi.

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So, from the theory above, the difference of preserve, animal asylum, and national park is lay in object to protected. Preserve to protect the animal and plant, animal asylum is special to protect the animal, while national park to protect the animal, plant also resident in it.

From the “Indonesia Menanam” book, 2007, world start to recognize the term "National Park" in the early 19th century. Precisely 1810. It is said mention of National Park proposed by a English poet, William Wordsworth, after he saw the beauty of a lake area in English. Wordsworth have conclusion, needing agreement to together sense of belonging and loving this most beautiful part in this earth. Later, this opinion expand to America and to whole world. Protection to plant, animal, and environment is very optimal conducted through national park development. Indonesia have 50 National Parks, what is six among other things inclusive of world heritage situs, for example: Ujung Kulon National Park, Kerinci Seblat National Park, Leuser National Park, Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Komodo National Park, dan Lorentz National Park. We can see the protection to savanna in Baluran National Park. Even grasss in that field even also have to be protected. Why? Because that grass is food source for the bulls. If grass used up, bull even also can be totally disappeared.

In Kersik Luai, East Kalimantan is dissimilar again. Kinds of orchids grow over there, and the most inscrutable is black orchid. But don't forget, to save the orchid, big tree even also have to be taken care. Air dampness have to be defended. Black orchid from Kersik Luai which grow in that West Kutai Regency is inclusive of priceless properties for Indonesia variety involve.

Indonesia is famous richest of varietas fishes, birds, mammals, and flowering plants. For example in Komodo National Park became the icon of world class conservation, there are more than 1.000 fish specieses. To take care of fish in sea needed coral reef, mangrove forest, multifarious of water and coast plant, becoming ideal place for fish growth. So, to take care of the fish fertility, Indonesia require to plant a lot of mangrove trees.

In preserve of Muara Angke in Jakarta bay is also planted multifarious of mangroves. Include Avicenia, and pidada (Sonneratia caseolaris). More and more trees, well guaranted progressively life of fish and birds having a nest over there. The root of mangrove take care of the fry, while branch and leafy bough is house for tens of poultry and insect type. Among the most beautiful insect respected proud is kinds of grasshopper and butterfly as in Bantimurung National Park, South Sulawesi where is famous of butterflys population.

Raja Ampat conservation area, Sorong, West Papua, even own the under sea park which can be told most unique. In this place, we are not only can enjoy the glamor of coral reef and multifarious of fishes and also other creatures in the surprisely variegation, but also can enjoy the shadow of forest Iushness in Papua which grow close in border coastal that have high rock. The immeasurable nature glamor can we see in various nusantara area which benediction with the manner properties involve incalculable. Indonesia nowadays have owned 50 national parks and preserve which is not counted its amount, conservation forest, protected forest, great garden, and arboretum which are gone the round in most of all provinces.

Even, some of that national parks have the unique plant and animal, and nowadays have come to the icon of world conservation. Just mention Ujung Kulon national park, Banten with the javanese rhinoceros, Komodo national park, East South-East Nusa with komodo, the giant iguana (Varanus komodoensis) which representing live evidence of the prehistoric animal that ommission dinosaur epoch, West Bali national park with curik bali (Leucopsar rothschildi), Way Kambas national park, Lampung with the elephant, tapir tiger and honey bear, Lorentz national park, Papua with its miscellaneous plant and animal which are exotic inclusive of parade raggiana birds (Paradisaea raggiana), Bunaken national park, North Sulawesi with its under sea park, Leuser national park, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam with orangutan and lot of others.

The nature conservation and forming of national park not only for animal and plant, but also for all human. By preserve the nature, meaning human being also preserve its own environment to guarantee the life permanence in this earth. This priceless possession is true require to be taken care and preserve. Not only for our offspring, but also to all of the world society. The hoisterous of climate change and global warming threat issue inspire our awareness to taking care of natural preservation for the shake of life continuity in our Earth.

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