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4R Concept’s to Go to Zero Waste

Garbage is serious problem of urban, especially in expand nations with over population. In general city wide in world express that resident accretion of an area directly and also indirectly have effect in the increasing of yielded garbage amount. Midden amount for the metropolis or metropolitan is more than 3 litters of each people in one day and for the medium or small town is about 2,25 - 2,75 litters of each people in one day. So that in order not to generate various sanitation problems, it is needed a garbage management which started from behavioral resuscitation of society.

Human being represent the subject which yielding garbage in his activity. As sensible creature and have feeling, human have being ought to can feel the impact generated by garbage which is not managed better. Wherever is often happened the floods, gas poisoned by licid, incidence of various stomach disease, incidence of bad smell of air which bothering respiration, and others. Therefore environmental awareness is very require to be owned and applied in his daily life. Needn't have to in big scale, but enough started from within house of each consistently.

The garbage handling conception which applicable in all day long domestic for example by applying 4R. At daily life, in fact applying this conception just simply. Start from dissociation garbage among organic and anorganic. Then anorganic dissociated among paper, plastic, metal and glass. Organic garbage can be turned into a compost and inorganic can be recycled. As for 4R concept are:

Reduce ( Lessening)
Minimizing goods which we utilize, because more and more goods type which we use, more and more also garbage yielded. For example the garbage producer of non domestic (shop, supermall, supermarket, market) in goods gold moderation to be sold, using packer which easy to be degradated (cloth, paper, leaf, ect.), goods or substance sale in the form of refill, entrepreneur can re-accept the packer or tidiness and also goods which used up (battery), and also land product transportation system change from countryside to town with cooler system especially which its target to big town or to lessen the root and leaf garbage during delivery.

Reuse (return to wear)
Exploiting all objects which still can be exploited, both as its genuiness function and functioned for the dissimilar things. Therefore, can possible choose the goods which can be re-weared. Avoid the goods usage which disposable (once wear, throw away). This matter can lengthen the time of goods usage before it become the garbage. For example return for using the can or ex-barrel become the dustbin, vas, return for using the tidiness of plastic bottle for the refill, using ex-pipe as crop pot, etc.

Recycle (Recycling)
Recycling organic garbage become the compost with the applying of domestic composter and also composting of environmental scale through society enableness, recycle the organic garbage as livestock food, as source of energy in the form of biogas production. While for the anorganic garbage can be recycled to become the dissimilar substance, for example the paper garbage recycled to become the re-paper, plastic ore can be recycled to become the fabricating material goods and also finished goods for the comb, plastic ball, etc.

Replace (Changing)
Research the goods which we wear everyday. Change the goods which only can be weared once with the more durable goods and environmental friendlier. For example, changing our plastic sack with the crate when going shopping, changing tissue by using returning cloth handkerchief, changing plastic or styrofoam with leaf as food packer, etc.

Do you? Do immediately, from the small thing, from now on! And zero waste is not only in dream again.

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ephyn on 10 Januari 2010 10.22 mengatakan...

Dari Green Festival 2009 yang diselenggarakan oleh Green Initiative Forum di Parkir Timur Senayan Jakarta, 5-6 Desember 2009 kemarin, ternyata sekarang konsep 4R bertambah 1R lagi lho..yaitu Rethink, yakni memikirkan kembali keputusan kita dalam membeli atau menggunakan barang. Dimana pada saat berbelanja, sebaiknya memilih barang yang tidak boros kemasan dan ramah lingkungan, misanya dikemas dengan daun pisang. Nah, berarti sudah diperbaharui menjadi Konsep 5R. Selamat menjalankan! Go clean!

ephyn on 10 Januari 2010 10.34 mengatakan...

Oh iya, ada lagi..ada info tambahan untuk sampah2 non-organik yang lama terurai bahkan nggak bisa terurai. Styrofoam tidak dapat terurai dan mengandung bahan berbahaya.Gelas atau kaca butuh ratusan tahun untuk terurai.
Kaleng butuh 80-100 tahun. Plastik yang terurai dalam 50-80 tahun. Sedangkan kertas butuh 2-5 bulan lamanya. Tentu saja yang paling mudah terurai adalah sampah organik yang hanya membutuhkan waktu minimal satu bulan. Nah, bagaimana? terutama styrofoam itu yang sekarang marak digunakan sebagai pembungkus makanan. perform nya memang lebih cantik dibandingkan dengan kotak kardus/karton, tapi lihatlah bahayanya! so, pikirkan kembali..rethink.

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