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New Hope in New Year

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Happy new year all! Hopefully in this year our expectation can be reached.

Hopefully get better than years previously.

Hopefully in year 2010 more amount people who conscious environmentally. Not only be conscious, but also take action.

Hopefully our environmental condition will be well.


One more guys..Happy new year!!!
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Rabu, 30 Desember 2009

Wild Animal More Beautiful in Nature

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Like its name, wild animal ought to live in wild nature. Following its destiny as animal, non oppositely surrounded in cage by draping its life at human being looking after it. What a nice of the wild animal which is not free to run all day long, but only walk to bustle around in the cage? Very not good and very unnature. As in zoo. Besides for the purpose of economics, target founding of zoo is as protection place for scarce and wild animal. but this target become to impersonate when the animal oppositely become the hunger because the supply of its food is more finite than in its genuiness nature. And the lion which omit two heads, finally remained one head because omitted by other death. How ironic it is!

I remember a story in 'Istoria Da Pas' book by Okke 'sepatumerah'. In its masterpiece, there are a naration about a child so called Gio bracketing his intention to bring back a wild chick which fall from its nestle because he is not find it. Feel in the same boat with the chick because don't have parents, Gio even also decide to look after it in cage. He make the cage as good as and as comfort as possible to the chick. He have been took care of that chick till big and can start to flap the wings. Likely the bird wish flown, but it is not released by Gio. He think that perhaps the bird will be more like and well guaranted with him than free outside there. At fourth months, the bird is not nimble again. It start seen lazy to eat and even lazy to make a move. Finally at two weeks later, that bird die.

That's, animal even also own the instinct for the free life, not like confined. Many people which still have opinion like Gio, that better to remain of take care their wild animal than have to be discharged and don’t know its chance later time. A lot still worry about how that animal will be able to forag without their helped. A lot still think that their care is expression what a pity at the animal, without thought that it is only its egoism, don’t think the easiness of itself animal. Isn't it true that love is give best for the easiness of the animal? and that matter is freedom. About how it will be able to forag, God have created all his creatures fully calculation. Exactly if us remain to confine it coexist the us, hence the animal will not be trained to get its destiny as animal in the wild life. The lion will not be seen Iurid again when cage. It become the persiflage substance of zoo visitor which look on it. The lion have losed spirit as forest king.

Dissimilar things of when we intend to take care of the animal requiring help, for example like Gio. Saving sore wild chick. But, when its condition is convalesce, we ought to bring back it to nature. Such as those which have been done in Meru Betiri, East Java, Indonesia representing turtles habitat. In this place, this turtles protected till its eggs hatch. The funny turtle babes even also will be discharged to sea to be self-supporting to experience their life.

Care the nature, care the wild animal. If one component of ecosystem annoyed hence balance of ecosystem itself even also will be annoyed. For example the wild animal arrest like tiger continually will make deer as one of its food rapidly grow. As a result, population of grass progressively attenuate because fulfilling deer and various other herbivores requirement. Hereinafter, availibility of food even also used up and will affect at herbivores destruction. Will we let it? Don't confess to care at nature if still look after the wild animal!

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Indonesian deforestation in "Burning Season"

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In June, 2008 the "Burning Season" film is released. this film showing that deforestation in Indonesia. in this below is the synopsis of it. Check it out.

In 2007, Greenpeace announced that Indonesia had ‘won’ the dubious distinction of having the world’s highest rate of deforestation. Across the archipelago, 72% of forest has been lost due to legal and illegal clearing, and agriculture-related arson.
Indonesia’s ‘award’ appears in the 2008 Guinness Book of World Records. According to Greenpeace, the text will read:
"Of the 44 countries which collectively account for 90% of the world's forests, the country which pursues the world's highest annual rate of deforestation is Indonesia with 1.8 million ha (4,447,896 acres) per year between 2000-2005 - a rate of 2 per cent annually or 51 square km (20 square miles) every day."
That’s an area of rainforest about the size of Manhattan being cleared on a daily basis.
Until 1950, Indonesia was still densely forested. In the following half century, 40% of extant forest was cleared, representing a drop from 162 million hectares to 98 million hectares. Throughout the 1980s, Indonesia cleared 1 million ha per year, which accelerated to 1.7 million ha per year by the early ‘90s. The rate is now set at over 1.8 million ha per year. The forests most at risk are the low-lying tropical rainforests and peat swamps, which are the most biodiverse and richest in resources.
During the primary period of deforestation (1950 - 2000), a strikingly high number of logging concessions were granted by President Suharto throughout his three-decade term (1967 - 1998). Many of the concessions were offered to individuals personally associated with the Suharto family.
Under his ‘New Order’ administration, Suharto maintained stability throughout a large and multiethnic nation (using an aggressive military-dominated approach), improved education, health, and welfare, and fostered significant industrialization and economic growth. However, the New Order’s ugly reputation for widespread corruption and authoritarianism caught up with it by 1998; when combined with the results of the Asian financial crisis, Suharto’s unpopularity was such that he was forced to resign. According to Transparency International, Suharto misappropriated more money than any other world leader in history with an estimated US $15–35 billion embezzlement during his administration. Following his presidency, attempts were made to charge Suharto with corruption and genocide, but these efforts came to an end with his death in January 2008.
The logging concessions granted by President Suharto represented more than half the country’s forest area. Numerous accounts exist of nepotism, collusion and cronyism relating to forest concessions, particularly throughout the 1970s. Huge land grants were made available to Suharto’s family members and to favoured companies in the logging, pulp and paper mill sectors. Their sole priority was personal financial gain, with forests regarded as a source of revenue to be exploited. No thought was given to long-term sustainability.
Now, nearly half of Indonesia’s remaining forests are fragmented by roads and development. Global Forest Watch [http://www.globalforestwatch.org]/ observes that “Massive expansion in the plywood, pulp, and paper production sectors over the past two decades means that demand for wood fibre now exceeds legal supplies by 35-40 million cubic meters per year”, creating a level of demand that is impossible to meet under sustainable forest management conditions.
The gap between supply and demand for timber products has germinated a flourishing illegal logging trade. Wood processing industries have openly acknowledged their dependence on illegal timber, which comprised approximately 65% of total supply in 2000. By definition, illegal logging can not be accurately measured, but a former senior official from Indonesia’s Forestry Ministry recently speculated that illegal logging has ruined over 10 million ha of forest.
The impact of clearing by small scale farmers is difficult to calculate, but plausible estimates from the ‘90s suggested that shifting cultivators could be responsible for the loss of 4 million ha between 1985 and 1997 – about 20% of forest loss.
The impact of industrial plantations is far greater, particularly since many of them have turned to fire as an expedient means of forest clearing. In the burning seasons during the El NiƱo periods of 1994 and 1997-8, deliberately lit fires devastated 5 million ha of forest each time.
As well as plywood, pulp and paper, natural forest has been cleared for industrial timber plantations, cash crop plantations (rubber, palm oil, etc) and transmigration-related development. In many cases the land was cleared in contradiction of legal requirements that such developments only occur only on degraded land or land previously established for conversion under the proper protocols.
Since President Suharto’s downfall in 1998 and the subsequently freer political atmosphere, environmental activists have been forthright in their demands for transparency and accountability from the government and corporate sectors. They have been moderately successful, but the worst excesses of private industry are still going unchecked.
Particularly after the United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC / “Kyoto Protocol”) was held in Bali in December 2007, the Indonesian government is under local and international pressure to reform its environmental policy. However, reforms are slow, and not all of them are going to be good for forests.
Decentralisation of power – i.e. the implementation of regional self-government, which takes some of the autonomy back from Jakarta – has been of benefit to the forest in provinces like Aceh, Papua and West Papua. These traditionally separatist areas are taking control of their forest resources and attempting to find innovative ways to preserve and manage them sustainably. However, lack of capital to manage long-term programs is an issue; and overseas investment is being sought.

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Organic Vegetable Exeed on Mineral, Protein Content and Free Carcinogen

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Government of United States as exponent of organic food substance specifies the standart that was called organic is food substance which is 100% or at least 95% produced without chemical manure, insecticide, herbicide, antibiotic, growth hormone, radiation for the sterilization and animal or crop which had been genetically modified (GMO, Genetically Modified Organism). According to Prof.Dr.Ir.Ali Khomsan, Ms., nutritionist from Agricultural Institute of Bogor (IPB), defining organic food substance is all food substance coming from life organism. Organic by itself relate to something that contain the carbon, ought to all food substance which contain carbon element referred as organic. Inclusive of planted with the chemical manure and contain the pesticide. But society more recognizing the organic term is mean the food substance which have been developed organicly, without pesticide or unnature fertilizer.

Organic food substance have been developed use the natural technology. Ground fertility defended with the nature fertilizer, like compost and cage fertilize, and illicit pesticide. With the natural fertilization and without insecticide, earth-worm population is be increase, ground have more nitrogen so that fertile naturally. To overcome the pest, can be done by cross in plant position to each crop type so that can breaking the link of crop pest attack, like strategy of intersection or combination with the onion leaf. Spraying is also done to use anti pest from nature. A period of harvest is even also harvested according to rule. If determined one month hence harvested one month. By the chemical manure, crop can be harvested quicker and result of its product is bigger. Because not use the chemical manure, hence organic crop do not destroy the ground on a long term, and so referred as a future crop.

The way of easiest to differentiate the organic food and anorganic is by paying attention to there is or not its 'organic' lable at product which will you buy. Organic food processed by very differing compared to product of conventional food. Not only free from the chemical elements (pesticide, fertilize, hormone, medicines), but also have to fulfill the international conditions which is determined. In West, more and more products of fresh fruits and vegetables are have organic lable. Also in the form of processed food like cereal, baby food, and or organic pasta. Even this matter have become the philosophy. Even a lot of researches which showing that remains of pesticide at the fruit and vegetable are still in safe point, there is not research which surely showing its cumulative affect yet. Some health problems which happened in 50th years lately, anticipated to have the relation introducedly of pesticide use.

From case of the bosom cancer mounting 40%, prostate cancer, average of the downhill sperma man until 50%, until one from 150 newborn of boys experience the hypospadiasm (awkwardness form of the man genitals). Even though, organic fruit and vegetable is not well guaranted free from the disease source (virus or bacterium). Organic vegetable have the higher level risk to contagious of wafting disease, because it is usually washed by the non chloride water. Ordinary water assumed do not able to kill the bacterium and virus which patch at vegetable and fruit.

Certain organic food substance like vegetable and fruit, obstetrical of its mineral is better if compared to convesional food substance. Like saying of Ali Khomsan, some researches are showing vegetable like cabbage, tomato and cress, have higher obstetrical of calcium mineral, phospor and magnesium than the anorganic vegetable. Like organic tomato, its calcium content 23 mg while anorganic tomato only have 5 mg. From the feel, organic food substance also more delicious. Organic fruit and vegetable more crunchy, sweeter and durable. While which is non, have high water content, so that likely less be sweet and quicker decay. A laboratory independent in America have different fact. Research to organic whole-wheat of agricultural produce is contain 24% higher than a wheat planted conventionally

Besides exeeding from nutrition also feel, organic food substance also free remains of pesticide and dangerous chemicals. By not aware, this matter will be piled up continuously in our body. In long term, it will improve the cancer risk in our body because it have carsinogen character which is the cause of cancer. So, better to prevent by changing over to organic food substance than we must to overpay costly for the health expense which effect of generated pain.

Some researches are showing that organic food have the higher level nutrition content if compared to conventional product. Research observed by Chris Aleson, president of The Organics Retailers and Growers Association of Australia is showing that mount of the calcium, pottasium, magnesium, sodium, ferrum and zinc at organic vegetable are 10% higher. One of the nutrition obstetrical height cause at organic product is cause by irradiation process of anorganic product. The radiation ray used to conserve the conventional product is not only for disinfecting germ and bacterium but also break some chemical molecule components and alter it become the free radical.

Dissimilar research is showing that the obstetrical of vitamin A, B Complex, C, E and K in vegetable which radiated decrease until 80%. Organic product is not allow the pickling technique with the chemicals. Moreover, this matter is not too required. Some organic farmers even confess that organic vegetable more durabel. High content of nutrition also represent effect of more fertile organic farmland condition and looked after. Pesticide used in conventional agriculture annihilate the microbe of vitamin enzyme producer which required by crop.

Up to now still be there society which shy to chosen the bad performance vegetable, though that represent one of organic product marking. The developing naturally will yield the food substance which pertained graceless in its performance, especially for vegetable. A lot are wormeaten holey and insect. But from the quality feel, organic food is true better. Organic vegetable more crunchy, sweeter and likely more natural. Chilli and a plant (kemangi leaf) are more hot, and cucumber is smaller but more amount water contain.

Now consumer entitled to chosen, buying conventional food substance cheaply but contain the remains of chemicals or vegetable which have ugly appearance, costly but safe for health. Just because limited production, the price be more expensive. But, organic vegetable election is felt less benefit for health if in its processing remain to use chemical fell amuser. For that, it is so important to know the way of vegetable processing correctly so that its gizi content remain to be intact and lessen the pesticide content which possible in it.

Keep healthy with organic vegetable!
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The Beautiful Indonesia, Lets protect!

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What is national park? What is the difference with the preserve and animal asylum?

1. Preserve

Preserve is area of nature protection owning typical plant, animal, and ecosystem so that require to be protected. Growth of animal and plant, taking place naturally. As according to its function, preserve can be exploited for the research, science development, and tourism. There are two preserve types that are land preserve and sea preserve. In Indonesia land preserve for example : Morowali Preserve in the Middle Sulawesi, Nusa Kambangan Preserve in Central Java, Mount Papandayan Preserve in West Java, Dolok Sipirok Preserve in North Sumatra, Pine Forest of Janthoi Preserve in NAD (Aceh). While the example for sea preserve are Archipelago of South-East Aru Preserve in Moluccas, Anak Krakatau Island Preserve in Lampung, and Archipelago of Karimata Preserve in West Kalimantan.

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2. Animal Asylum

Animal asylum is area of nature asylum owning typical of variety and animal type, and to the continuity of animal life can be done the construction to its habitat. In Indonesia, land animal asylum for example : Rawa Singkil animal asylum in NAD (Aceh), Padang Sugihan animal asylum in South Sumatra, Muara Angke animal asylum in DKI Jakarta, South Tambora animal asylum in West South-East Nusa, Lamandau animal asylum in Middle Kalimantan, and Buton animal asylum in South-East Sulawesi. While sea animal asylum are Panjang Archipelago animal asylum in Papua, Kassa Island animal asylum in Moluccas, and Foja animal asylum in Papua.

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3. National Park

National park is area of nature continuation owning genuiness ecosystem managed with the zoning system. National park can be exploited for the purpose of research, science development, and tourism. Like preserve and also animal asylum, there are two types of national park, that are land and sea. Land national park are Leuser National Park in North Sumatra, Ujung Kulon National Park in Banten, Meru Betiri National Park in East Java, Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park in East Java, and Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park in Riau. While the sea national park are Seribu Archipelago National Park in DKI Jakarta, Komodo National Park in East South-East Nusa, and Bunaken National Park in North Sulawesi.

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So, from the theory above, the difference of preserve, animal asylum, and national park is lay in object to protected. Preserve to protect the animal and plant, animal asylum is special to protect the animal, while national park to protect the animal, plant also resident in it.

From the “Indonesia Menanam” book, 2007, world start to recognize the term "National Park" in the early 19th century. Precisely 1810. It is said mention of National Park proposed by a English poet, William Wordsworth, after he saw the beauty of a lake area in English. Wordsworth have conclusion, needing agreement to together sense of belonging and loving this most beautiful part in this earth. Later, this opinion expand to America and to whole world. Protection to plant, animal, and environment is very optimal conducted through national park development. Indonesia have 50 National Parks, what is six among other things inclusive of world heritage situs, for example: Ujung Kulon National Park, Kerinci Seblat National Park, Leuser National Park, Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Komodo National Park, dan Lorentz National Park. We can see the protection to savanna in Baluran National Park. Even grasss in that field even also have to be protected. Why? Because that grass is food source for the bulls. If grass used up, bull even also can be totally disappeared.

In Kersik Luai, East Kalimantan is dissimilar again. Kinds of orchids grow over there, and the most inscrutable is black orchid. But don't forget, to save the orchid, big tree even also have to be taken care. Air dampness have to be defended. Black orchid from Kersik Luai which grow in that West Kutai Regency is inclusive of priceless properties for Indonesia variety involve.

Indonesia is famous richest of varietas fishes, birds, mammals, and flowering plants. For example in Komodo National Park became the icon of world class conservation, there are more than 1.000 fish specieses. To take care of fish in sea needed coral reef, mangrove forest, multifarious of water and coast plant, becoming ideal place for fish growth. So, to take care of the fish fertility, Indonesia require to plant a lot of mangrove trees.

In preserve of Muara Angke in Jakarta bay is also planted multifarious of mangroves. Include Avicenia, and pidada (Sonneratia caseolaris). More and more trees, well guaranted progressively life of fish and birds having a nest over there. The root of mangrove take care of the fry, while branch and leafy bough is house for tens of poultry and insect type. Among the most beautiful insect respected proud is kinds of grasshopper and butterfly as in Bantimurung National Park, South Sulawesi where is famous of butterflys population.

Raja Ampat conservation area, Sorong, West Papua, even own the under sea park which can be told most unique. In this place, we are not only can enjoy the glamor of coral reef and multifarious of fishes and also other creatures in the surprisely variegation, but also can enjoy the shadow of forest Iushness in Papua which grow close in border coastal that have high rock. The immeasurable nature glamor can we see in various nusantara area which benediction with the manner properties involve incalculable. Indonesia nowadays have owned 50 national parks and preserve which is not counted its amount, conservation forest, protected forest, great garden, and arboretum which are gone the round in most of all provinces.

Even, some of that national parks have the unique plant and animal, and nowadays have come to the icon of world conservation. Just mention Ujung Kulon national park, Banten with the javanese rhinoceros, Komodo national park, East South-East Nusa with komodo, the giant iguana (Varanus komodoensis) which representing live evidence of the prehistoric animal that ommission dinosaur epoch, West Bali national park with curik bali (Leucopsar rothschildi), Way Kambas national park, Lampung with the elephant, tapir tiger and honey bear, Lorentz national park, Papua with its miscellaneous plant and animal which are exotic inclusive of parade raggiana birds (Paradisaea raggiana), Bunaken national park, North Sulawesi with its under sea park, Leuser national park, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam with orangutan and lot of others.

The nature conservation and forming of national park not only for animal and plant, but also for all human. By preserve the nature, meaning human being also preserve its own environment to guarantee the life permanence in this earth. This priceless possession is true require to be taken care and preserve. Not only for our offspring, but also to all of the world society. The hoisterous of climate change and global warming threat issue inspire our awareness to taking care of natural preservation for the shake of life continuity in our Earth.

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Environmental Blog Contest

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There is a blog competition by Stos Film Festival. It takes the theme about "We Care, Kita Peduli" which inviting society to care with their environment. Its totalize present is till 7 million rupiahs. This event will be end in January 23th, 2010. The last regisration is December 30th, 2009. so lets join it!

to know detail of its description, you can see it
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Only 25% of Indonesia Coral Reef Identified in Good Condition

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Coral reef is a part of ecosystem which is very interconnected with the coastal area life, for example as place to lay eggs of various fishes and as coastal protection from erosion. But nowadays its existence threatened progressively, which coral reef disappear in speed of 5.4% in each year during 30 year lately. Climate change viewed as a biggest threat for coral reef. Especial threat of climate, like going up of sea surface temperature and acidity level of the sea water, and growing larger by dissimilar threat inclusive of fishing redundantly, pollution and foreign species. Substance use generating abundant emission by human being cause the happening of global warming and growing hard of coral reef condition. In the 2008th, report by Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network in Poznan, Polandia expressed that loss world have almost 20% of its coral reef was effect of carbondioxyde discarded. But coral reef have the higher opportunity to live on when the climate change happened, if other pressure factor which related to activity of human being minimized.

As one of biggest archipelagic country in world, Indonesia is also known as one of world sea variety involve center with its coral reef. But unhappily, in this time Indonesia coral reef threatened to destroy cause of kinds matters, either due natural factor like climate change and also effect of the human being act like ignorance and greed in exploiting natural resources for the shake of getting advantage without thinking natural preservation. The example of the activity which can destroy the coral reef are destructive fishing (DF) in the form of fishing activity by trawl which its impact is damage the under sea life, use bomb to catch fish, use cyanide which generally for catching the decorative fish, lobster and napoleon, and also intake coral reef to be commercialized or made construction material.

Indonesia had wide totalize of coral reef about 51.000 Km2 or about 18% of total world coral reef and 65% totalize (about 75.000 Km2) in coral triangle (world reef triangle), covering Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, Timor Leste, Papua Nugini and Salomon Archipelago. This coral reef triangle also referred as "Amazon of the Seas" because becoming epicenter of sea life owning various of sea biota type. Coral reef in this area includes 53% of the world coral reef and own more than 600 reef specieses dwelt about 3.000 fish specieses. More than 120 million people very hinging their life from coral reef in this area. This matter become the very strong reason to do the conservation effort of coral reef in that area.

Based on a ecology study led by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) with entangling all coral reef experts and world fish at the 2002th, Raja Ampat archipelago in West Papua-Indonesia is the archipelago with the amount of highest coral reef types in world, that are about 537 types of reef and 1074 fish types. Sum up the reef type is 75% reef type found in world. But, in this time about 22% of coral reef in East of Indonesia region and Papua Nugini destroyed. This number is smaller than the damage in West of Indonesia region which equal to 71%. Even, the condition of coral reef at 2009th is worse than World Forest. Based on LIPI research at 2009th, effect of various factors, the condition of coral reef in Indonesia are 30% in damage condition and 40% in middle condition, whereas only 25% in good condition and its remain are in very good condition.

Damage of coral reef surely affect at downhill its benefit, especially for the human. Besides representing maritime tourism asset, also function as the natural barrier for coastal from the wave attack, even as source of food and medicines. For that, must have been done the national effort to discontinue the fast of its damage. Efforts which have been done in Indonesia are with ICRI (the International Coral Reef Initiative) cymbal the International Year of the Reef (IYOR) 2008th, that is celebration a yearlong for inspirating, to develop, and entangling everyone in coral reef conservation. During one year, governmental, social institution, university, local society, all coral reef fans and all business expected can develop and or join in activity promoting coral reef conservation which more integrated. 2008th also cymbal as Visit of Indonesia Year 2008. Reef Check Indonesia does the initiative to develop www.goblue.or.id, a portal which develop together as effort to develop the public awareness in comprehending coral reef conservation issues and its related ecosystem, and also place for promoting the environmental friendly tourism in Indonesia. Others, The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) have developed the newest science model to determine accurately the location of coral reef which is "in a problem" and best location for its protection for Indonesia ocean area. Hopefully all efforts which have been done can lessen the degradation of coral reef which will be wide and big progressively if let, and its consequence also will affect ecologically and also economic for Indonesia self.

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Environmental Photographer of the Year Contest – 2010

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I found the Environmental Photography Contest. May you can join it!

CIWEM’s Environmental Photographer of the Year is an international showcase for the very best in environmental photography, honouring amateur and professional photographers who use their ability to raise awareness of environmental and social issues. With 2,500 entries received from 61 countries in 2009, EPOTY is now one of the fastest growing photographic competitions in the world. We would like to thank Mott MacDonald for their invaluable support.
EPOTY encourages images of places and people that are benefitting from a changing climate, or vulnerable ecosystems and communities that are struggling with the effects. Images examine the relationship between economic development, environmental degradation and social inequity, celebrate innovations helping us achieve environmental improvements, examine lifestyles, cultural traditions, spiritual activities and racial prejudices, and celebrate the incredible variety and beauty that exists within our natural environment. They serve to remind us what we need to protect.

The categories are:

  • Mott MacDonald’s Changing Climates

  • The Natural World

  • Quality of Life

  • Innovation in the Environment (New)

  • The Underwater World (New)

  • A View From the Western World (New)

  • CIWEM’s Young Environmental Photographer of the Year (Under 16 & Under 21)

As always, we are encouraging entries that are contemporary, creative, experimental, resonant, original and beautiful.
The judging panel includes photographers Gary Braasch, winner of the Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography, Anthony Epes and Ronnie Israel, as well Lord Smith, the Chairman of the Environment Agency and Nick Reeves, Executive Director of CIWEM.
Individual pieces of work will be judged on impact, creativity, composition, originality and technical abilities. Winners receive cash prizes, and all winning and highly commended entries are displayed in the international Environmental Photographer of the Year exhibitions.

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Green Dolls

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the HORTA grass Doll represents a plant media that tidy in the form of doll which if it is sprinkled every day at its head tabletop, it will be growed by crop grass (as does hair of at human being). That's the innovate masterpiece by Asep Rodiansah and friends from IPB. HORTA is dissimilar abbreviation of 'horticulture', merely memory at one blow pride for his origin faculty. Although the research into the product have early since 2004, newly in the early 2007 they focus to develop result of their masterpiece become the commercial product. Confessed, in fact the grass doll is non purification idea from that IPB’s grad. Initially they have known that there is grass doll from Nederland but seed and substance utilized are differ, so that the way of its making also differ. this crop doll is made at longest able to live on 3 months because in the finite media, the crop cannot grow for a long time.

The early target of education toy which is result of Asep idea with his group is dissimilar as medium of agriculture recognition for children. In order to they can interested, the crop media is tidy in the form of looking like human or animal doll, equiped by the seed therewith substances which are needed to the crop growth (hydrophonic media). In the practice, so that the grass seed is can grow hence have to be soaked in the water in one hour or more with the inversed position, then have to be sprinkled routinely minimize twice in one day. On the third or at longest one week, will grow the sprout above doll head. And the further, it is become a doll with the head hair which can grow length. It’s educating, at one blow see to joke and interesting. Children can learn to perceive the crop growth and play at the same time. This game is started when child soak the doll head in the water, then they perceive the grass growth at the part of doll head every day. If the grass have growed too high, they can make a creation by cutting grass as their want both of style and form. In this time, this HORTA doll is not only for children but also to all age as present, activity souvenir, wedding souvenir, house or office decoration, and hobby.

As growth media and also as decoration, hence to form the doll weared the substance from sawdust waste of special wood type which easy to got. Its problem exactly is its grass seed. Besides hard obtained, its price is also rather costly. Based on the research, not any grass seed are applicable in HORTA doll media. From the different of variety type is also result the different quality. So initially, each buying time, the substance must be tested beforehand. Even previously have tried to use the local seed, but in the reality it is less succeed. Therefore till this time they only mention the grass type, but the variety is represent the concealed patent. Nowadays, development of HORTA with the crop besides grass, like vegetables or flowers type.


POTTY doll represents the substitution of ordinary pot at home. Differ from the HORTA doll, this POTTY doll is crop pot in the form of doll which can be cultivated multifarious kinds of mini decorative crop, like kuping gajah, keladi, sanseiviera, cactus, etc. Seed of vegetable and flowers also can be planted in it. POTTY doll have the education concept that teach the child early on to plant, take care and love the crop, so that expected to grow their love to nature and environmental. Others, this doll also can become the present or souvenir of wedding or children birthdays, and also room decorator.

This doll become the durable and unique pot because the doll contains the media of plant. Doll is designed like this so that root of crop can grow on into doll. In the tidiness have been made available seed and pot containing ground for planting. The steps of planting that are by taking a little ground from pot and then seed flattenedly and re-close it with the ground. Seed will be grow at 3-7 days after planting (depended on the type). Sprinkle every day by 5-6 tablespoons water. Keep the doll in the place which enough sunlight so that the crop can grow better. If seed or crop dead, it replaceable with the other seed or mini crop.

Well, let’s go green our life!

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Unique Paper from Unproductive Crop

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Hearing word 'paper' we will be assorted mindful of matters. How not? Paper have become our requirement in everyday which difficult to replace. To note, to drawing, packer, and others. Such as those which we know that main raw material of papermaking is wood. In this situation, wood or tree have becoming of primary requirement for all earthling. Not only for paper raw material, but also building material, domestic housewares. At the ecological sides, tree is one of life source. Why? This matter because of tree can yield the oxygen to breathe and tree also can lessen the global warming effect. If the tree is continuously exploited redundantly without a rejuvenation, hence its ecological function even also will follow to decrease. As one forming of 4R concept that is Replace, require to be thought the other alternative to tree substitution as paper raw material.

Based to its history, in China at 95 before Masehi, paper made by substance of rummy crop waste. A lot have try various alternative of raw material for the papermaking, among other things are seagegrass, rice straw, eceng gondok straw, cane, murbei, bamboo, banana sheet, and sea grass. Paper from kinds of alternative besides wood have the unique character. This papers are applicable to various needs, writing, drawing, even for the handicraft raw material. As handicraft raw material, this paper will add the beauty of it because owning exotic natural patterns. So that, besides can participate in the environment preservation, we also can add the production with the unproductive crop as cheap capital.

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Jumat, 11 Desember 2009

Stop the Inhalation of Abundant Ground Water

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Clean water crisis and drinking water become very felt when a long drought moment arrive. At the last time, the most finding difficulties are people who very base on of rainwater in fulfilling their amount of water required. But nowadays, every person who have subscribed to drinking water company, because the supply of clean water often stuck. Water supply which have used up, river even also run dry, added again with clear aqueduct of relevant institution is not fluent, making some people make it as opportunity in trying. Only with buy the water absorber and plastic aqueduct as the capital, they inhale the ground water and money come copious to them. See the big advantages meagrely capital, others are even also interested to imitate it. And finally they fight to inhale the ground water for the shake of answering the demand personal requirement and sell it to others. This represent the grievous phenomenon. Not to mention people who think that they have accomplishment of clean water required is well guaranted, will just withou considering to use it redundantly.

Inhalation of abundant ground water activity continuously result to decrease the ground water supply and even earn used up, remember that the forest function as depositor of ground water nowadays also have decreased. Wherever forest condition have seen grievous. Damage forest by illegal loging, convert to become the farm develop and plantation, produce forest wide progressively, forest fire, etc. If ground water used up, absorber will inhale any waters that found in ground. This matter cause the inhaling of sea water, especially in area which is near to coast.

At the nearby area with coastal or close to sea is happened the meeting between water sea with the fresh water which so called interface. This interface can be sordid up at sea and also land depended big or minimize of rain water augmentation. If rain water augmentation is very big, hence interface will be sordid up at sea, while if rain water augmentation is a few or nothing at all, hence interface will be sordid up at land. Thereby, imaginable where direction of interface at the dry season moment. With the fresh water current degradation to sea, interface will step into the ground and sea intrusion will be happen. And surely if added with the existence of ground water inhalation, this intrusion process will faster happened. As a result the water consumed will be felt briny because mixed with the sea water.

If the ground water have been contaminated by the sea, hence clean water source supply even also will be decrease. If will be used as a drinking water, require to be processed beforehand such as those which have been done in Madura-Indonesia and Japan. Therefore, require to be conducted prevention to pursue the happening of intrusion. Among are by making diffusion well, non-abundant in ground water use, and take care of the forest continuity. Don't water which included in the innovated resource which can be change to cannot be innovated because of rareness.
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Kamis, 10 Desember 2009

Safe our Water Bird

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The water bird can be an indicator of environmental balance, especially in territorial water and wet land. The most interconnected is the existence of mangrove. As in Surabaya, provincial capital of East Java - Indonesia. Based to Duty On Agriculture, Oceanic, Ranch of Fishery and Forestry (DPKPPK) City Government of Surabaya, there are about 1180 hectares of mangrove forest in Surabaya and its surroundings. Its condition still nice and promise enough, even since 2004-2007 happened the wild illegal loging resulting 40% or about 443 hectares of mangrove forest over there destroyed. Head of Duty On Agriculture, Oceanic, Ranch of Fishery and Forestry (DPKPPK) at 2008, Syamsul Arifin tell that the coastal length of Surabaya is reach 47 kilometres. Unhappily up to now the coast which can be cultivated mangrove only in Wonorejo, Keputih, Kenjeran and Kalianak region. For a while in the Tanjung Perak have fulled of building. Forest mangrove condition which on the wane, have knowable through amount of water bird which stop by and remain to in it.

Wonorejo where have areal wide about 100 hectares is possible one of sojourn location for water bird, from so much locations which becoming their migration band before doing journey to North and also South. This area have stopped by more than 10000 water birds in each year. Oftentimes in the observation, this migration birds can be detected from colour flag that fastened in its foot. The colour from the flag shown in where the state of that bird have stopped by.

Based to the last note, in this time the bird in Wonorejo are about 147 types, 38 types are bird migran from Thailand to go to the Australian, while the rest are remain. Sum up the the species is represent the most species in the coast of Java. Based to note by Ecoton, Institute of the Wet Land Conservation, the species have detected are here under:

At August – September, 1997 are: Trinil Kaki Merah - Tringa totanus (35), Trinil Rawa - Tringa stagnatilis (5), Trinil Hijau - Tringa ochropus (8), Trinil Semak - Tringa glareola (31), Trinil Pantai - Tringa hypoleucos (6), Trinil Lumpur Asia - Limnodromus semipelmatus (10), Cerek Kalung Patah - Charadius alexandrinus (8), Cerek Pasir Mongolia - Charadius mongolus (3), Cerek Pasir Besar - Charadius leschenaulti (23), Cerek Asia - Charadius veredus (6), Cerek Kalung Hitam - Charadius dubius (10), Kedidi - Charadius peronii (8), Kedidi Leher Merah - Calidris rucifolis (7), Gajahan - Numenius phaepus (32), Trulek kli-u-i - Pluvialis squatarola (5), Terik Kaki Panjang - Stiltia isabella (1).

March, 2000 are: Cerek - Charadrius sp. (1), Cerek Kernyut - Pluvialis fulva (15+), Kedidi Jari Panjang - Calidris subminuta (1), Kedidi - Calidris sp. (10+), Berkik - Gallinago sp. (1), Trinil Semak - Tringa glareola (2), Trinil Kaki Merah - Tringa totanus (20+), Trinil Kaki-Hijau - Tringa nebularia (7), Trinil Rawa - Tringa stagnatilis (6), Trinil Pantai - Tringa hypoleucos (10), Gajahan Pengala - Numenius phaepus (2).

While at November – December, 2001 are: Trinil Kaki Merah - Tringa totanus (18), Trinil Rawa - Tringa stagnatilis (17), Trinil Hijau - Tringa Ochropus (6), Trinil Kaki Hijau - Tringa nebularia (16), Trinil Pantai - Tringa hypoleucos (15), Trinil Lumpur Asia - Limnodromus semipelmatus (12), Cerek Pasir Mongolia - Charadius mongolus (6), Cerek Pasir Besar - Charadius leschenaulti (10), Gajahan Besar - Numenius arquata (14).

Based to monitoring result of Pecuk, a group of biological majors bird study in ITS at April, 2007, there are 9 types of water bird identified, for example: Gajahan Pengala - Numenius phaeopus, Cerek Kernyut - Pluvalis pulva, Cerek Jawa - Charadrius javanicus, Biru-laut ekor-hitam - Limosa limosa, Trinil kaki-hijau - Tringa nebularia, Trinil Semak - Tringa glareola, Kedidi Merah - Calidris canutus, Trinil Lumpur Asia - Limnodramus semipalmatus, Kedidi Besar - Calidris tenuirostris. Gajahan Penggala is the most species which identified.

From the data comparison knowable that the type and amount of the bird which identified is decreasing from 1997 - 2007. Why this happened? One of its cause factor is very possibled cause the wide of their residence have decreased. Their foraging place have been destroyed by activity of human being which less pay attention to the environmental balance. Therefore, up to now the efforts of cure the mangrove forest condition are have started to executed. But, it still very need to be non-stoped the monitoring of bird growth in this area which it will very influenced by environmental change. If the mangrove is really have good,so automatically the water birds even also will more and more seen over there.

This bird monitoring activity is usually referred as bird watching. When we do bird watching, better dress the tone chromatic experiencedly, easy to permeate the sweat, long arm, and have pokes. Bring the hat or umbrella, binoculars or monocular, guide-book, watch or time indicator, book-note of field and stationery. Don't be crowded, because bird is very sensitive to voice and will be affraid. Note each bird type found by drawing in book-note for documentation and look for its name in guide-book. For whose like photography, can also document it with photo.

The water bird is type which group. In consequence, the process to identify them often find difficulties. For the types like this we have to see it from enough near distance, so that we can draw it clearly in our field book-note. It better to cover the elementary form, colour of wing fur, colour the lead, bill form, colour of stomach and size measure its body. To determine the size measure better use the birds which you have know as its reference, for example bigger than church bird, but rather minimize from starling. If its distance of watching is enough far, we can identify for seen the size measure its body ahead, see its comparison with the feet. Then see the size measure and its bill form, for example the tortous length downwards is inclusive of gajahan type, thick and short is inclusive of cerek type, diametrical long and attenuate is inclusive of trinil, long rather thick is inclusive of ekor blorok type. Hereinafter, we can see the existing brightness and contrass pattern in its body. Then size measure and feet colour which usually strike, for example red for the gagang bayam. And the last is colour as a whole. Colour represents the last identify component because the water bird type have almost same colour. Oftentimes are brown, black, and turn white. While difference of brightness and contrass pattern is more uppermost compared to its colour. For bird watcher which have experienced, earn also identify the bird through its voice and also its typical behaviour, for example way of flown, pecking tree, etc

To know the bird amount perceived, hence require to be done a calculation. Counting bird which group like water bird, will be difficult relative, especially for beginner observer. the easy way is by counting communally of each bird type. For example 1-10 tails. Approximating the big of its group. Then count the bird entirety by assuming 10 tails are equal to a tail. At the last, the result of calculation multiplied with 10. Though only based to estimate, but its result will come near of the calculation in each individual

Save our water bird by upgrading mangrove quality and quantity!

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Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

4R Concept’s to Go to Zero Waste

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Garbage is serious problem of urban, especially in expand nations with over population. In general city wide in world express that resident accretion of an area directly and also indirectly have effect in the increasing of yielded garbage amount. Midden amount for the metropolis or metropolitan is more than 3 litters of each people in one day and for the medium or small town is about 2,25 - 2,75 litters of each people in one day. So that in order not to generate various sanitation problems, it is needed a garbage management which started from behavioral resuscitation of society.

Human being represent the subject which yielding garbage in his activity. As sensible creature and have feeling, human have being ought to can feel the impact generated by garbage which is not managed better. Wherever is often happened the floods, gas poisoned by licid, incidence of various stomach disease, incidence of bad smell of air which bothering respiration, and others. Therefore environmental awareness is very require to be owned and applied in his daily life. Needn't have to in big scale, but enough started from within house of each consistently.

The garbage handling conception which applicable in all day long domestic for example by applying 4R. At daily life, in fact applying this conception just simply. Start from dissociation garbage among organic and anorganic. Then anorganic dissociated among paper, plastic, metal and glass. Organic garbage can be turned into a compost and inorganic can be recycled. As for 4R concept are:

Reduce ( Lessening)
Minimizing goods which we utilize, because more and more goods type which we use, more and more also garbage yielded. For example the garbage producer of non domestic (shop, supermall, supermarket, market) in goods gold moderation to be sold, using packer which easy to be degradated (cloth, paper, leaf, ect.), goods or substance sale in the form of refill, entrepreneur can re-accept the packer or tidiness and also goods which used up (battery), and also land product transportation system change from countryside to town with cooler system especially which its target to big town or to lessen the root and leaf garbage during delivery.

Reuse (return to wear)
Exploiting all objects which still can be exploited, both as its genuiness function and functioned for the dissimilar things. Therefore, can possible choose the goods which can be re-weared. Avoid the goods usage which disposable (once wear, throw away). This matter can lengthen the time of goods usage before it become the garbage. For example return for using the can or ex-barrel become the dustbin, vas, return for using the tidiness of plastic bottle for the refill, using ex-pipe as crop pot, etc.

Recycle (Recycling)
Recycling organic garbage become the compost with the applying of domestic composter and also composting of environmental scale through society enableness, recycle the organic garbage as livestock food, as source of energy in the form of biogas production. While for the anorganic garbage can be recycled to become the dissimilar substance, for example the paper garbage recycled to become the re-paper, plastic ore can be recycled to become the fabricating material goods and also finished goods for the comb, plastic ball, etc.

Replace (Changing)
Research the goods which we wear everyday. Change the goods which only can be weared once with the more durable goods and environmental friendlier. For example, changing our plastic sack with the crate when going shopping, changing tissue by using returning cloth handkerchief, changing plastic or styrofoam with leaf as food packer, etc.

Do you? Do immediately, from the small thing, from now on! And zero waste is not only in dream again.
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Selasa, 08 Desember 2009

Go Green with Local Wisdom

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Indonesia is rich of wisdom culture to environment. But unhappily, local wisdom which existing in the Indonesian people is threatened to eliminate. Local wisdom often conception as local policy, local knowledge (local knowledge) or local intellegence (local genious). Local wisdom is view live and science and also various extant life strategies of activity which done by local society in replying various internal issues for their requirement accomplishment. Local wisdom basically can be viewed as base for forming spirit of nation in national. Thereby by taking care of local wisdom, nation identity will make everlasting. But on the contrary, if that local wisdom lose so do identity nation.

Basically, original culture of Indonesia proven to have the philosophy which supporting environment, as in Java famous with the philosophy of Hamemayu Hayunig Bawana, Tri Hita Karana in Bali and Flower Alam Terkembang Jadi Guru in Tanah Minang. Then there are also various tradition wisdoms, like Sasi in Moluccas, Awig-Awig in South-East Nusa, Bersih Desa in Java, Nyabuk Gunung in Sunda, management sinkhole with the heap petrify in Gunung Kidul, the sea management in Pulau Tiga area (consecrating special areas, interdict to kill or catch the special animal, respect to sea, conservancy coral reefs, and technological use simple arrest), sarong as place of shopping goods at Tengger, custom of sasi in part of Moluccas, consanquinity relation in an usilimo at Papua, adding cultural properties of Indonesia which support the environment

Religion are embraced by Indonesia society, start from Islam, Hindu, Christian, Budha And Konghuchu, also proven to teach the followers to take care of and look after their environment. Local wisdom source of society steming from teaching of religion and belief smelling mystique, owning principles which have bases of ecology and ecosystem. Though local wisdom which identified sometimes only at folkways, but ideas and values that related to environmental management (like sea, forest, water resource, etc.) have indicated to the existence of saving effort and continuation of environment whose done by society at since long time ago.

In fact, nowadays in modern urban community even also grow various environmental wisdom, as does garbage management in Banjar Sari Jakarta, Sukunan Yogyakarta, Karah Surabaya, Kassi-Kassi Makasar, and others. All of that environmental wisdoms, if we preserve, it will so central in the effort of earth saving. Because as social strength, that environmental wisdom will be the essential requirement of environment management in Indonesia. But in its management require to be supported by wisdom of institutions and constitution which applicable and in harmony with social cultur of society. Institution and constitution which formed better can deputize the idealism, wisdom practice, accomodating philosophy of norm and ethics going into effect in society.
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Senin, 07 Desember 2009

Damage Forest, Threatened Environment Sustainability

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"Take nothing but picture, leave nothing but footprint, and kill nothing but time!"

That sentence will often we hear when rock climb, hike montain or observation in the nature, like cave, coastal, and also others original area. And surely if the area is included in area of conservation or national park. That matter is intended to protect the area from damage, even destruction except which is resulted from factor unnature. One of damage which is often happened is forest fire. Mostly its caused by human error. Often we hear that burnting of forest initially because of stub thrown promiscuously when it still burn, bonfire pickings, and garbage combustion. Such as those which is latterly happened in forest at Santa Barbara, a part state of California, USA. Investigation team express that the conflagration because of electrics sprinkling from appliance of crop cleaner. Sum up the material loss is so big. Thereby, negligence of human being in taking care of environment will cause the ugly impact for human being itself.

Nature activity which a lot of liked now is hiking. In hiking for the shake of natural preservation, they must to pay attention to this things:

  • Not fire the fire uncontrolledly which can cause the forest fire, for example to the bonfire, cook, burning garbage, etc.

  • Not bother the elements of existing habitats and typical animals

  • Not throw away the unorganic garbage like paper, plastic, can bottle. That garbage have to be brought to return. While the organic garbage better be piled up in the ground so that is quickly ravelled

  • Not hunt the animal, taking plant, any den or egg, especially if the mount hiked is included in conservation area (preserve, national park)

  • Not destroy the tree and rock with the streak paint or incise it with the knife

  • Lessen as possible hewing or amputation of tree and bush for anything, for example to bonfire, cook, and tent stick. Just use the wood or stick that falled down

  • At the night time hiking don't use the torch as lighting, better use the flashlight

  • Not contaminate the existing water source with the soap, oil and others kind

  • Not defecate at the existing water source so that the water is not impure coli bacterium

  • Not throw away the object that contain fire (for example stub) during hiking or climbing

  • Not make the convulsing (conversing to ossify, sounding radio or others music tolls) which can bother the animal life

Besides hiker, other whose entering forest also have to pay attention to that mentioned things. Need for making regulation to arrange the activity of illegal loging and illegal mining with the regulation that based on environment, so that it can protected from damage. For going concern natural preservation, will improve our life quality. More green the forest, well guaranted the quality of air and water in our earth.
Save Our Jungle!

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Minggu, 06 Desember 2009

Drink Tea? Good but not too much

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sora no shita de ookiku natte
wakai shinsen na midori
yakuni tatemasyou
shinme chan ookiku natte
its meaning :
Grow high under the sky
Be the beam young green
You will always used
Grow high my darling tea leaf

That's japan tradition, the Japan traditional song which every planting the crop, they always sing on the chance so that the crop can thrive.

Drink the tea is true have become the tradition of asia nations. But nowadays, because of various tea benefits have been found hence the other nations even also follow to consume it. How about you? Do you like drink tea? Or possible be hobby?
Based on to process of its making, the type of tea are divided to four kinds, that are green tea, black or red tea, oolong tea and white tea. But the best quality is green tea because it is not dried by using sunshine but using special draining technique. While the other type tea are processed by fermentation. Up to now tea benefits which have been found are:

  1. Containing the antioxydan 'catechins' which can pursue the growth of tumor cell and protect the healthy cell from damage. Antioxydan obstetrical from two of cups tea are equivalent by 7th glasses of orange juice or 20th glasses of apple juice (the research center of antioxydan, London)

  2. Containing the amino especially theanine or caffeine which can improve the body ability to fght the infection with the cells stimulus

  3. Improving bone density as preventative and cure the osteoporosis and also the other bone diseases, lessening calculus risk, lessening risk of damage and holes at tooth, and also pursue the infection of influenza virus

  4. Lessening infark (network death because of haemorrahage trouble) risk of the heart muscle at cardiovaskuler disease

  5. Lessening demensia (function retreating think) risk because it containing catechins polifenol especially EGCC (epigallocatechin gallate) which can assist to repair the diseases of nerve retreating, like alzheimer and parkinson

  6. Having ability to improve the highest insulin activity, so that the tea good for preventing diabetes (agriculture departmental research at USA)

  7. Assisting to quicken the metabolism level because its antioxydan can help the work of liver effectivelly, so that can slim the body

  8. Arresting free radical (antioxydan) which groaning face and prevent the poleness at skin so that see fresh and ageless.

 Tea is true can give the benefit to all its drunkards, but there are also some certain people whose not suggested to consume too much tea because it can be dangerous for their health. Unfavourable obstetrical of tea for body is caffeine (theanine) which can pursue the process of food absorbtion. Safe boundary to consume the caffeine in one day is 750 mg for each day or equivalent by 5th fairish teacup 200 ml. Therefore the prohibited condition for too much to consuming tea are:

  1. Kidney annoyed (cannot arrest the urine or incontinensia) because the function of tea is launch the dismissal irrigate

  2. Pregnant woman, because tanin in tea can compound with the ferrum in food which and it is not permeated by body. Besides can result the anaemia and ferrum insuffiency of pregnant woman, this matter also can result the foetus be insuffiency of wafting ferrum. Caffeine and stimulan matter at tea also can stimulate the gracious contraction

  3. Suckling women shall not to drink the tea jell, because caffeine can lessen the expenditure milk irrigate. Others caffeine also can enter into baby body through the milk which can result the baby intestine be spastic

  4. Fever, because drinking tea do not can degrade the body temperature but exactly will improve the hot temperature of his body. This matter because of theophyline which implied in the tea can heighten the body temperature, even make the function of descender body temperature medicinize be decrease or lose

  5. Nerve and insomnia, because the caffeine content in tea can boost up the elementary metabolism, so that will make difficult to sleep and feel jumpy

  6. Less bloody patient, because can lessen the synthetic haemoglobin in the body and its disease can growing hard

  7. Constipation don't drink the tea jell because the tanat acid in tea have the role of astringen, that is weaken the work of intestine channel, so that its disease will progressively growing hard

  8. Children, because after drinking tea, children will easy to build up their spirit, the passion eat is down, the mucous membrane of digestion channel decreases so that influence the food digestion and its absorbtion. Tanat acid in the tea also can influence the absorbtion of vitamin B and ferrum in food so that result decrease both of haemoglobin and eritrosit volume, so that they easy to attacked anaemia

  9. Someone who have the high blood pressure and incure heart dissease have to avoid to drink the tea jell, because caffeine rate in tea can stimulate the people and boost up its blood pressure. If they remain to drink the tea hence their heart will tick quickly, feel very jumpy even experience of the arrhythmia or inexistence of heart rhythm

 Therefore, so tea benefit can be felt by body, require to be paid attention to the condition when consume it and measuring correctly. As suggestion, someone who his stomach is empty better don't drink tea because can increase the products of acid bounce up. Avoid to drink the tea mixed with by sugar because can decrease its contained, and don't drink tea which whole evening because a lot of its contain have oxidized and expired so that give bad affect for the body.

Let’s drink the tea according to measuring and feel its benefit!
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Sabtu, 05 Desember 2009

Sun Storm, May It’s Not the End of Earth

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2012 is very popular lately. This film is often considered to be film about the end of earth civilization which finally more knowledgeable as "day of resurrection" film by its audience. This matter as according to manuscript from Maya tribe that in this year will emerge the big galaxy wave so that it results desisting of all activities on this earth. But, from erudite facet based to monitoring the center of atmosphere weather watcher at some states since 1960th, the phenomenon which can be estimated became about 2011th – 2012th is sun storm.

What is the sun storm?
Sun Storm will happen when emerging flare and Coronal Mass Ejection ( CME). Flare is big explosion in Sun atmosphere which its energy is equivalent by 66 millions times from the explosion of atom bomb in Hiroshima. As for CME is the very big explosion which is causing particle papyrus that has speed to 400 kilometres for each second. From Sun, milliard of electron particles to coat of Earth ionosphere during four days. (http://www.inilah.com)

Have been happened previously?
Awful sun storm have been became of at the morning September 1th in 1859. Famous English astronomer, Richard Carrington whose is perceiving sun, discovering light goes out from sun surface. That light form the big Iump when it goes to the earth. Only in 48 hours, that Iump arrives to the earth and its effect excrutiatingly. Earth like incured by a very big electrics field. But the cure in that epoch took place very quickly. How about the present day which mostly its activity need electrics?

Sun storm affects are:

  • influencing condition of atmosphere payload till earth magnet

  • affecting at electrical system, for example telephone, internet, clean water ready

  • affect at transportation that using Global Positioning System ( GPS) satellite, for example air transportation and sea transportation

  • affect at communications system that using satellite of communications and high frequency wave (HF) endangering life or human being health, especially for consumer race heart appliance

Step for anticipatory
Without electrics, the earth will experience of the darkness. Mostly activities will be desisted. Hence to anticipate it, require to be launched a new satellite to perceive what is going on in the sun, especially coat of ionosphere and geomagnetic, and also radiowave. While for the minimalizing of affect to civilization activity inthe earth, steps which can be taken are:

  • drawing up power station reserve

  • otherwise enable to operate the power station reserve, better to conduct the extinction of electrics when storm moment come, temporarily use the candle

  • air transportation and sea transportation which are reliing on GPS satellite as navigation system shall use the manual system when storm moment happened

  • performing a kind of training to face the trouble of radio HF sinyal

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Jumat, 04 Desember 2009

Mansions, Lessening or Growing Dirty?

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Slums represent one of urban problem which fenomenal. Existence of activities centre in a town able to inhale the urbanization current from marginal area of town to look for the more competent subsistence. At metropolis, a lot of slums popping out especially at public space which not yet been exploited, like gallery of mine bridge, side of river, and other empty farms. Existence of this condition generate the dirty impression at the very solid town.

Environmental growth of settlement in urban area is not be fast quit of its growth rate of urban resident, either due growth factor of itself townee and also urbanization factor. Negative impact of urbanization taken place during the time more because of uneven opportunity to earn life in countryside area and urban, so that peep out the existence of town fascination assumed able to give the better future for countryside society or outside town, whereas background of capacities and ability of all mygran are very marginal (Kirmanto, 2001).

Government as one of the parties which responsible this slums area have tried various effort to make their environment of resettlement become competent dwell. Matter which require to be done by performing a town renewable, whereabout one of governmental program is simple mansions development of cheap rent alternatively residence for impecunious faction society taking possession of the slums.

Slums represent the problem of arising out because of urbanization booming from incoming boundary area to the activities centre and add the impecunious society urban population. the resident rapidly growth which is not accompanied with the farm availability will for resettlement, hence happen the illegal occupancies of farm which is not exploited to become the slums.
From various perception of concerning existing slums, inferential that marking from slums are :
1. Public facility which its condition less or is not adequate
2. Condition of dwelling house and settlement and also its spaces use mirror its dweller is indigent or impecunious
3. Existence level of frequency and high volume density in using space in slum so that mirror the existence of confused planology and powerless economic of its dweller
4. Slum represent a set of community which live separately with the boundary of clear social and culture, that is existed as :
a. A single community, residing in public property, and in consequence can be classified as wild dwelling.
b. Set of single community representing the part of a RT/RW.
c. A set of single community existed as a RT/RW/even existed as a chief of village, and non wild dwelling
5. Slum dweller social and economicly is not homogeneous. Its citizen have various living and income, so also their origin. In slum society is also recognized the existence of social veneering by virtue of economic ability those who are the different each other.
6. Mostly slum dweller is those who work in informal sector/having additional living in informal sector.

In slum problem attitude in urban, governmental to hence cope by repairing town management through rejuvenation. Town management is an effort to execute the town arrangement so that more regular and in control better for realizing better town life and have continuation, one of them is that is through town renewable. Town renewable is doneto repair a condition of a town which have saturated. Initially renewable of town area represent the response to social and economic change pressure causing at development of town physical (Chapin, 1965 in Djarot Purbadi, 1996)

Town Rejuvenation with the Mansions
Town Rejuvenation is one of accommodating town growth way that is strive the planned regeneration at area developed which is a period to passing cycling program, for example redevelopment program, rehabilitation, and conservation. Inpres No. 5 at 1990th have placed the soul and base of town rejuvenation (Johan Silas, 1996):
1. Private sector may rejuvenate the goverment land populating for the sake of commercial. Existing dweller have to be re-accomodated in the same place at new system as condition which is not dissociated
2. Relocation defrayal return the citizen is conducted by investor by taking old price difference with new price
3. The Inpres also "confessing" by right of citizen to stay in the same place without having to question whether yes or not the formal rights for farm taken possession (but the Inpres only valid for 2 projects, that are in Pulo Gadung, jakarta and Pekunden, Semarang.

One of alternative solution given by Indonesia government in the effort to town rejuvenation is through the simple rent mansions levying to fulfill requirement of society for competent and draw near they whose have middle-low income to the center of all day long their activities. Development mansions with the high building intensity, expected can push the farm exploiting and ready public facilities and utilities which more effective and efficient.

UU No.16 at 1985th about mansions mention that mansions is building of storey building which builded in a divisible environment in parts of which structured functionally in horizontal direction and also vertical and represent set of which is each can be owned and used separately, especially for the place of dwelling, provided with the common shares, common object, and common ground. Mansions development in urban area based on concept of sustainable development, which placing human being as development center. In its execution, it is using principle of arrange the good governance management and arrange the good corporate governance.

The basic principal of mansions development includes:
1. Integrity: mansions development executed by principle of area integrity, sector, between user, and integrity with the urban system
2. Efficiency and Effectiveness: exploiting available resource in an optimal fashion, through improvement of land use intensity and other resource
3. Straightening of Law: realizing the rule of law in living for all, and also respect the wisdom values which live in the middle of society
4. Balance and Sustainability: bothering balance of ecosystem and existing resource continuity
5. Participation: pushing governmental partner and cooperation with the bussiness and society to participate in planning process, development, controlled, operation and conservancy, and also mansions management
6. Equivalence: guaranting the existence of opportunity equivalence for society whose middle-low income to can dwelling the competent mansions for improving their prosperity
7. Transparency and Acountability: creating mutual belief between government, bussiness and society passing through ready of adequate information, and also responsibiliting of development performance to all.

But, mansions that representing solution of settlement limitation land for poor society or urban in the reality is not full zero in on. In the fact, it indicates that which live in the mansions is faction "able to", though the target truthfully is under class society.

Like the case which found in Jakarta, where as state's capital, Jakarta become the very strong magnet for marginal society to flip up over there. When mansions have been made available, non faction of under taking possession, but faction able to. Not rarely that pawn broker compile the have changed hands to second hand, third and here in after more able to. Mansions which initially for the society of have low income have been sold so that can be said that nowadays the mansions have fallen wide of its mark. Others, rent price which high relatively is minimizing possibility for poor society to enjoy the facility. Hence so that rent price the mansions can be reached by target, without lessening benefit ground, safety, balance, compatibility mansions with the building arrange and town environment is needed standard of mansions planning as its development base, that for example as follows:
1. Building Density
  • In arranging building density (intensitas) is needed a correct comparison covers wide of allotment land, building density, Koefisien Dasar Bangunan (KDB) and Koefisien Lantai Bangunan (KLB)
  • Koefisien Dasar Bangunan (KDB) is comparison of among wide of building base broadly land/plot of land, do not exceed from 0.4
  • Koefisien Lantai Bangunan (KLB) is comparison of among wide floor the building broadly ground, not less than 1,5
  • Koefisien Bangunan (KB) is comparison of part of along with broadly building, not less than 0,2
2. Location
Mansions is builded in location which is appropriated with plan of planology, plan to arrange the building and environment, reached by a public transportation service, and also by considering compatibility with its environmentally
3. Arrange the Situation
Arrange the situation of mansions must to consider the building integrity, environmental, area and space, and also by paying attention to benefit factors, safety, balance and compatibility
4. Building Apart and Height
Building apart and height determined by pursuant to fire danger conditions, illumination and air transfer naturally, pleasant, and also building density according to planology
5. Type of Mansions Function
Function Type destine of mansions is to dwelling and enabled in one mansions/mansions area have the combination type of dwelling function and effort
6. Set of Mansions Wide
Wide set of mansions minimum 21th m2, with the especial function as bedroom/multipurpose room and provided with the bathroom and kitchen
7. Mansions Equipment
Mansions must to be equiped with facilities and utilities which supporting prosperity, fluency and dweller amenity in running everyday activity
8. Vertical Transportation
The lower rise mansions with the amount dance maximum 6th floor, using doorstep as vertical transportation. The high rise mansions with the amount dance more than 6th floor, using lift as vertical transportation.

So, to be can degrading the mansions rent, mansions development also apply the technology of construction material and construction fulfilling minimum service standard from construction security, health, and pleasant, which based on potency of local wisdom and resource. Exploiting of local wisdom and resource potencies is expected can lessen the social charges that happened at the preparation, development execution, and also operating expenses and mansions conservancy

Dirty Newly
At conservancy facet representing of mansions solutif function to lessen dirty also earn uncared. In field, most mansions are very minim at conservancy facet, like building colour fade and building material which is not looked after again. Do not look after of the building cause dirty newly in mansions environment. Mansions is true pushing the efficiency of land use in town and surely the town which as big as Jakarta where land price is excelsior, but if seen by in reality of ability and awareness of dweller or owner to look after his building is very far from expectation
As the picture, to date in Jakarta have been gone the round of some mansions as in Jakarta Center there are Petamburan mansions (600 unit), Bendungan Hilir mansions (614 unit), Karet Tengsin mansions (160 unit}, Tanah Tinggi mansions (428 unit) and Jatibunder mansions (60 unit). Although the growth of mansions is start glorious, but this time in Jakarta there is only two developers in the form of public company (although in fact have perda that pushing private sector to develop the simple mansions) which developing simple mansions massly. Perumnas to date have managed about 8000 unit simple mansions and PD Sarana Jaya manage do not less than 3000 unit simple mansions (Kompas, March 26th at 2002th).

Mansions which is from the beginning builded very natty arranged, practically nowadays have changed to be dirty environmental. In some mansions is seen the pond irrigate and garbage. Conservancy fare which ought to be paid by owner mansions (mostly are middle-under society faction) unable to be paid by them because they still have to think the everyday requirement. Even to pay the rent sometimes they must double paid. if true the rent mansions is alternatively housing trouble-shooting for poor society faction so some considerations are the government must really to look for the solution especially about conservancy problem.

For that, for the shake of conservancy executing is needed by a fund support from government, because local government also have obligation in conservancy and building observation. So that the colour change of building or repair of facade building are represented from its own local government. This matter as according to UU No.16 at 1985th about mansions in chapter VIII section 20th article 1 about the observation, mentioned that observation to this rules and regulations execution is done by Government.

In this case, in the middle of governmental fund limitation and the weak of purchasing power of citizen marginal, technically single house quality type RS/RSS or RI (core house) lessened. So that, the wisdom which taken is citizen can get the good environmental house in advance, while its quality is still be disregarded, so that the sell price can reached by marginal society. But, the same thing at the simple mansions cannot be done. Such as those which have been specified at PPRI No. 4 at 1988th about mansions, in second chapter III shares the technical conditions of mansions development, the second paragraph section 12th sounds the mansions must be planned and builded with the structure, component, and use of construction material which fulfilling construction conditions as according to its standard. If that matter is forced (technical quality reduction), hence can cause fatal and that matter is impossible to conducted by all simple mansions designers. As a result, sell price of simple mansions is be difficult to depressed as does at RS/RSS. Though, development expense for an unit simple mansions can reach among three and four times from the development expense for an unit RS/RSS with the same broadly. Finally, the under class society faction is so difficult to reach the simple mansions. So that no wonder if dweller mansions which is a lot of met are able to society, even have more than one cars.

The fund problem which during the time become a constraint of mansions levying and leap the rent price for each unit mansions, actually can be handled by doing policy of urban renewal, land consolidation, and crossed subsidy system. At its concept, urban renewal is conducted by a government to get the land for mansions levying in a dirty urban area which later smoothed down by on approval of its citizen. All land owners are promised to get the priority for simple dwelling mansions that builded at their land.

But, of course do not all that simple mansions units are sold to old citizen, because above that areal can be builded more dwelling than old dwelling which exist in that area. For example for the dwelling which have strategic location, can be sold to all good enthusiasts not only to old citizen but also new citizen, according to commercial price in marketing. In this case, of course the government get the profit and it's which must be weared to subsidize some of simple mansions development.

For the concept of land consolidation, governmental and also private sector can do cooperation with the land citizen owner which his area will be builded. Developer, from private sector and also governmental, doing the land and old building price calculation of citizen owned at the somewhere. Then it’s reckoned with the high rise building, as ruko and also simple mansions, which be stayed by the old citizen.

While at the crossed subsidy system is have been done by Perumnas in that BUMN area at Cengkareng, West Jakarta. In that area, initially Perumnas build some simple mansions blocks which nowadays are rented to marginal of Jakarta citizen. Then because of assessed of that area is strategic enough, which its location at the roadside of Prof Sedyatmo turnpike (airport turnpike) and outside circular turnpike Jakarta, hence some of that areal is sold to private sector developer.

At 2004th, a number of private sector developers have builded the ruko and house in the ex Perumnas’s property area, and their plan is also start to develop a number of apartment block for the middle-weight which is sold at the commercial price as according to marketing price. Perhaps Perumnas get the profit from the cooperation with the private sector, so that applicable to subsidize the simple mansions development hereinafter in the area.

The concepts is not easy to done without existence of approach to society. Cause, a lot of them are still believeless in the governmental wisdom. It’s effect of the hoisterous of corruption, colusion and nepotism (KKN) at a period of Orde Baru when concept of urban renewal introduced. In consequence, key to all officials functionary is transparency so that citizen can trust if they do not be harmed, but contrary is profited.

With the really mansions levying which can function as accomplishment of residence requirement for marginal, environmental quality repair, and for the minimizing of its dweller transportation expense, hence dirty problem of urban that is effect of existence of slum and squatter will be able to handled. Support from government, private sector, and society are very needed to attainment of program efficacy, that include the control activity, defrayal, and also conservancy.

Thereby, it can be conclused that town rejuvenation represent a forming of urban management, where representing one of way to accommodate the town growth that is strive the planned regeneration at area developed which is passing the cycling program, for example redevelopment program, rehabilitation, and conservation. One of related governmental program by Jakarta rejuvenation which is fulled by resident is mansions levying. But, still a lot of things which out of the target from mansions target in fact, both of object target and also environmental quality repair target. All that do not get out of the lack of conservancy and controlled from government
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