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LITL 2010 for Safety Environment

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Good news for all about LITL 2010, one of the Innovation of Environment Technology Contest by Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Lingkungan, ITS-Surabaya. The registration for :
1. Fotografi "Manusia berjaya lingkungan teraniaya"
2. Kreatifitas dan Ketrampilan "Tersenyumlah duniaku tanpa plastik"
3. Festival Band "Nyanyian Alam"
4. Karya Tulis untuk SMA "Inovasi teknologi dalam upaya mereduksi emisi karbon menuju Indonesia sehat"

is until March, 13th 2010.

checck this for more details
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Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

Fight the Aides aigepty

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Talk about the rains, this topic surely will follow talked, dengue disease. Such as we know, this disease is because of female Aides aigepty mosquito bite after bitting dengue patient, where in its saliva there are dengue virus to follow brought into the blood stream of human being when it jab its mouth. Its symptom is started hotly high and later will be followed by the appearance of hazy squeezing chromatic fleck in patient skin. Its process like horse saddle, whereabout patient will experience of a period of critical early that is high fever more from 38 0C during 2 until 7 days. But a lot estimate after this phase is represent the healing phase, though this is phase which require to be taken heed, because going to a period to very hard critical. Patient temperature will return high but accompanied with the puking of blood, nosebleed, and lost they aware cause the shock. This cause the patient trombosite is drastic descend and finally it can cause death.
Considering how dangerous this disease is, and surely for the family which owning baby and children, hence very important to be conducted prevention efforts to expand this mosquito population. Especially for the solid settlement area and its hygiene less be awaked. In Indonesia, there are various ways which have been done, among other things do 3M : Menguras (cleanse water in bathing tub periodical), Menutup (closing relocation water place), and Mengubur (burying secondhand goods which can accomodate the water and place which can be suffused by water), spreading of abate powder in relocation water place to kill the mosquito larva, installation of mosquito net at bed, dabbing contra-mosquito lotion and also spray and which often done massly is fogging.
Pursuant to Health Duty of East Java at 2006, the conditions done fogging are if there are other patient in patient location (about 20 houses in patient environment), or there are fever patient without clear cause as much more from or equal to three people and there are wigglers. If there are occurence like that, hence can be reported at Health Duty and they will be sent the fogging worker to the area.
At the time of fogging, better all food, beverage, and also kitchenware kept in closed place like cupboard. So also with the children toy and counterpane also have to be closed in order not to be incured by the direct of fogging. This matter because of the gas is contain geranium, that is citronella which can cause the poisoned. Others, if owning pet better also kept away from home. Let the house empty and closed. Only entry door opened. After fogging, door shall also closed during a hour so that all insects within house cannot run to exit. Later sweep and mop the house floor from ex fogging and dead insects till cleanness in order not to generate the poisoned for human being and also our pet.
Dissimilar things in Middle Java, there are kampong owning the other way of fogging traditionally. They collect the mahoni leaf and papaya leaf, then burn it. Gas from that combustion is taken as for the fogging all of kampong area. They assess this way is effective enough because can kill the mosquito and other insects.
Anyway of its prevention, the most important is familiarize the clean life continuously. Health is the most valuable estae to can be non-stoped activity.
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Disaster, take its lesson!

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To the number of big ‘bandang’ floods and landslide in Indonesia latterly sign that this country is not owned the adequate preparation to anticipate the effect of season commutation from long drought to the rains yet. Very high rainfall have added the irrigate debit and make the river current become very rapid. Added displacedly function of forest which are wide progressively, like the production forest, agriculture, plantation, even building. Plantation crop like tea, agriculture crop like tomato, cabbage, bean, owning insufficient short root to hinder the process of ground erosion. And surely displacing function as land builded which heedless of the ecological function. In the end, human being itself harmed. Disaster of landslide and floods annihilate all that commercial advantages and leave various big damages which are bigger possible than advantages got previously. Is this expected? When an effort addressed to increase the prosperity but oppositely cause damage that larger ones than its benefit. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi roji'un...

Such as which have been happened recently in Indonesia, Last Thursday, Pebruary, 23th 2010 landslide disaster befall in Teh Dewata Plantation, Tenjolaya village, Pasir Jambu, Bandung-West Java. This area represent the area of tea plantation own PT. Kabepe Chakra where is not far from plantation location, there are citizen housing representing worker in this plantation. Until now, this disaster have snatched 29 souls, 16 lost and items damage. By the reason of house distance with the plantation place to work which is near, better be avoided to build the housing remember the ground structure in that area is very gristle slide. Even according to a research Geotechnology from LIPI, Dr Adrin Tohari in Bandung, ground structure in plateau of west java represent the erosive ground because lapped over from young vulcanic geology. Thereby plateau of west java represent the most gristle slide area compared to the other Indonesia plateau.

Have ought to every disaster which we have experienced become the substance of contemplation and Iesson so that later similar occurence shall not happened. Minimize to forwards, can more anticipatory as a result. Have as proper as, we can use result of research about the cause of slide and floods to correct what the wrong in this time. Bringing back of it returning to function which ought to and repair our patterned thinking to always harmonize the life with nature. Disaster is true incoming accident from God, but important to remember, God give all these pursuant to what have been done by human being. Like cycle, all effects of activity done by human being will return to human being itself. If human being can treat the nature better, God also will command the nature to give the good reciprocation because God is the most fair.
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Minggu, 24 Januari 2010

Crazy Idea to overcome the Global Warming

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After posted the steps to lessen the global warming effect, now I will share the crazy ideas and possible futuristic to be done in the effort of overcoming global warming because lessening is not can be told to overcome it yet. In this below, I find from various sources about the procedural to overcome global warming which are not ordinary, because costly and futuristic, even can be assumed crazy ideas.

1. Improving acidity of sea with lime
Pouring lime extract to ocean will discontinue the accumulation of dioxide carbon (C02) gas in earth atmosphire. That is one way of erudite explanation result at conference about solution to overcome the global warming that goes on in Manchester (guardian.co.uk). This erudite project is named Cquestrate and led by Kruger team, former of management consultant. He say that this idea is not only will discontinue the C02 accumulation in ocean but also bring back the ocean condition like before.

2. Sunshade
Shade the earth with a kind of frame from special glass placed in orbit between earth and sun, so that sunlight indirectly incured earth. For boosting up that umbrella to orbit can be used by tower in the form of building which its height to sky to be a road for go up the umbrella carrier to orbit.

3. Encircling earth with the ray reflector glass
Some mans of science propose to make a ring of sunshine and space dirt reflector in orbit roundabout the equator area. This idea will degrade the amount of sunshine radiation which hitting planet and some causes of glasshouse gas. This wild idea will expense very costly, with the price potency about trillion of American dollar.

4. Cloud making
This idea is similar to sunshade, but use the natural umbrella that is cloud. In fact this technological have there to make the rain at area where not rain for a long time, but this technological have the boundaries among other things non purification make the cloud, but only lasing factor at cloud there. Thereby require to be performed a research concerning technology of cloud maker.

5. Sulphur screen
According to sulphur research can assist to degrade the global temperature. Some types of aerosol, where small particles will be snared on the air and result the refrigeration effect in atmosphire. This particles will hinder some sunshine radiations and intersperse them return to space. This matter is visible at mount erupt moment to release the sulphur. If this sulphur dirt follow the wind, hence world will be blanketed by the sulphur so that global temperature even also decrease. But give the sulphur into the air non without risk, its risk is happened by the sour rain and others which destroy enough for environment.

6. Photoplankton
Sea made by photoplankton garden because plankton also give the share in photosynthesis process needing dioxide carbon. When plankton dead, they will sink to ocean base along with carbon which they sipping. Its process in fact is easy only give the urea to sea to quicken the plankton growth. Dissimilar alternative that is fertilize the ocean with the iron material because iron can stimulate plankton growth. Therefore some privat enterprises join to spill the iron into sea to sell the carbon credit, but all mans of science question how efective of carbon absorbtion. Some environmental lover group also warn that iron can hurt the local ecosystem. Others no one can confirmation how its effect to environmental balance if at the last time plankton mastering the sea.

7. Artificial tree
Making appliance to imitate the photosynthesis process from tree. That appliance claimed can exceed the natural tree ability in photosynthesis process. Now only to make that appliance massly and install them in a lot of positions. Of course for that the invesment is also big.

8. Non-Stop to move and mix the ocean
Environmental expert and expert of future, James Lovelock, creator of Gaia hypothesizing, making humorous scheme in overcoming global warming. Lovelock idea is using the pipe for stimulating the mixed of oceans in the world, to deepness, rich water of nutrition will feed the algae corps to suck the dioxide carbon from atmosphire and sink with algae to ocean base when death. But this method is only tentative because the warm-up will be non-stoped happened.

9. Eliminating earth friction from its tinder by breaking the moon
A man of science of mathematics from Iowa university, Alexander, Abian say that the earth climate will be more be balmy if weight of moon lessened or smashed up. This is because of the earth rotation which always shift from its tinder (until 23 degree) caused by attractive force of moon. If this tinder friction is eliminated hence the earth climate will be more be balmy. Nothing area which heat and nothing congelation area. But it just idea. All experts not agreed yet because possibility of earth climate change into worse without moon.

10. Burying carbon gas
When we are non-stoped to heat earth with the dioxide carbon, some mans of science propose to draw the excessive dioxide carbon gas and save it to a place, subterranean possible, coal seam or empty oil and gas farm. To do that, dioxide carbon have to locking out of factory, compresed and hypodermic downwards ground, which will hold out during thousands of year. Still there are some questions concerning expense of dioxide carbon inhalation from factory, and environmental problem to leaking gas from the ground.

11. Cutting gas emission
Proposal for foxing pollution yielded by generating energy, limiting amount of dioxide carbon at business, industrial or state, or Iease imposition to gas emission will bring the emission to lower level by totally, and a lot of state have signed voluntaryly the promise to cut the emission in Protocol Kyoto. Some part states, especially California, have pushed a regulation to overcome the dioxide carbon.

12. fox eat pattern
A man of science have calculated that if all American who have age between 10 until 74 years walk for half hour in one day as subtitution of driving over, hence that will cut the emission of dioxide carbon as much 64 millions ton (as well as some heavy kilogram of body). Food Institution of PBB, Food and Agriculture Organization report that red flesh industry be in control of 18% from gas emission, through usage of brand fertilize, cage fertilize and energy which is needed to transportation of red flesh and food of ranch.

13. Limiting usage of plastic sack and fluorescant lamp
This is possible heard like hasty decision, but in San Francisco, Chinese and Australian all have applied it. Chinese wish to clean its state from "white pollution" (plastic sack corking street and water dismissal). Australian hope to cut the emission of glasshouse gas and degrade the invoice of domestic electrics by vanishing step by step fluorescant lamp usage. Some sizes measure have reached for the momentum in the last year with the governmental interference in fight the plastic garbage and inefficient lamp.

14. Life with the garbage
A technique expert from University of Leeds in English have made the building material from waste substance (vitriform recycle, dusty of ex-combustion). This Bitublocks applicable to build the house. Others in its making also need slimmer energy than making bataco. Other man of science have also raised the proposal of material waste usage from poultry ranch, like quill to make the environmental friendly plastic.

15. Letting worm reside in the kitchen
Worm can good for by placing them into organic garbage later on turn into compost.
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Kamis, 14 Januari 2010

Water Bird Watching Race 2010 COMING (very) SOON!!

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There are birdwatching contest by PECUK, a bird lover group of Biology majors in ITS Surabaya. Hold on February, 12th - 14th 2010 in Gunung Anyar-Surabaya and Bangkalan-Madura island. Each team consisted of 3 persons with IDR 300.000 rupiahs for each team. Lets check this site!
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Some Ways to Lessen the Global Warming Impact

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Talk about Global Warming, still a lot of easy and modestly ways which can be done in our daily. Read and try this ways:

1. Economizing electrics usage, because every electrics thrift 1 KWH = reduction CO2 equal to 0,712 Kilogram. This are alternative way to economize the electrics:

• Economizing computer usage, by hibernate the PC (don't use the Screen Saver) when we take a rest or shut down when not used for a long times, stop to do the batty download which cleanse the computer energy till touch the heat dot.
• Economizing air conditioner (AC) usage, open the window widely or change AC with fan. According to research by one of BUMN in commercial buildings, usage of cooler machine (AC, chiller) is biggest use electricity, about 60-70% from all its electrics invoice. Usage Freon in AC can cause Global Warming where Freon will hold out in atsmosphire during 15 years before finally ravelled.
• Change the neon and red hot lamp by LED. This lamp made from semi-conductor substance, so it’s not produced from carbon substance. If LED used in all the world, totalize energy of the electrics for lighting can decrease till 50%. The difference of carbon emission yielded by a world can reach 300 millions ton in every year.
• Lessen the lamp usage at day time.
• Ascertaining the signer of electrics current indicator have extinguished when not use the electronic appliance.
• Observe the electrics monthly usage, so that we can limit its use efficiently.

2. Economizing the paper usage by using two sides paper, also economize with the program like fineprint.

3. Economizing ink usage. Before printing accustom to see accurately so the mistake of print out not to be happened. Thereby not require to repeat for printing the same file again.

4. Menghemat BBM dengan beberapa cara berikut: " Economizing fuel (BBM) with some ways below:

• chosee domestic product ( for lessening import activity).
• do ecodriving.
• go together with who have the same target to lessen amount of personal vehicle.
• do trip by mass or public vehicle.
• cycling or walk to near target.
• checking tire pressure in order not to slow down the journey.
• if enabling to use the short cut which not in traffic jam.
• push off the machine when you await.
• If you wish to buy the other vehicle or machine, choose which have more efficient of energy usage.
• Some companies support the employees cycling by providing lockers and special parking.
• Technological usage of facility teleconference for the meeting can lessen the duty tour
• Memberi perawatan ekstra pada kendaraan tua. " Giving extra treatment to old vehicle.

5. Go green the earth by planting and take care of the tree, and also preserve the natural forest. Bamboo clump able to permeate the CO2 four times more than other tree.

6. Forest exploitation made balance to with its conservancy, for example by reboisasion, ‘tebang-pilih-tanam’ program and others.

7. Don't burning the garden garbage.

8. Recycling garbage which can recycle.

9. Making biopore hole to lessen the emission of organic garbage compost activity openly.

10. Use the organic manure, because Nitrogen which is consisted in unorganic manure change able to N2O generating effect Glasshouse Gas 320 times bigger than CO2.

11. Closing the pot or pan when cooking to economize the used of gas energy.

12. Lessening to eat the beef, because every kilogaram beef which we eat, equivalent with push on the bulb in 20 watt during 20 days.

13. Don't use the styrofoam, plastic, and clipper

14. Change tissue with the mop or handkerchief.

15. Avoiding usage of hair spray and perfume.

16. Use the product with the tidiness refill.

17. Avoiding cigarette.

18. Look for information about Global Warming, then write it. Hopefully thereby can assist to brighten the reader mind and their knowledge.

Try to do every day. Make all of that as a positive habit of us!
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Senin, 11 Januari 2010

Creating Free Floods Environment by the Biopore Hole

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Overcast sky nowadays is very easy to see. Sun heat is only to a moment stay in Indonesia hemisphere. Air be cold, even chilled. Rain descend. Altogether is a entry sign of the rainy season in Indonesia. Season which old ones waited after length dry season that still not alleviate.

Problem which is often happened when the rains in Indonesia is floods. Start from small floods till big. From which is not dangerous until generating soul victim and items damage. Its cause for example garbage, abundant ground water use, and lack of diffusion farm. One of way which can be gone through for minimalizing the happening of floods because degradation of ground water surface is by making the biopore diffusion hole. This technological is found by Ir. Kamir R Brata MS, lecturer of terralogy, water, and land conservation from Agriculture Faculty at IPB.

Biopore is holes in ground formed by effect of organism activity, like worm, root, creep and other ground animals. Holes formed will be loaded by the air and will become the place to stream of water into ground. In consequence, the rainwater will be permeated into ground and not non-stoped into the lower area.

This technology is applicable in housing area which is 100% waterproof, in aqueduct, in house owning open space even for rice field area in oblique farm. Making of biopore hole better in place which is true real correctness less be fertile and we also have to pay attention to the area, whether the area is dangerous or not for wearer of road.

Every house better own the biopore hole. Ideally, house for the width of 100 m2 own 28 biopore holes. Way of making biopore hole initially is making hole have diametre 10 centimetres with the deepness 30-100 centimetres by using drilling. Space out 0,5-1 metre between hole. While for under tree area, is enough to made three holes for each tree with the formation like equilateral trilateral. Then, make ossification of hole lip to prevent the ground erosion step into the hole and maintain the neaty of the hole trap. Make the hole safety with the iron or strand of metal in order not to fall into hole.

Last, fill the hole with the organic garbage like kitchen garbage, leaf garbage, and other garden garbage. Don't include the inorganic garbage like plastic, battery, and styrofoam into hole. This garbage later will decomposed by organism, so that formed a pore. Thereby, content of ground water can be awaked because water is indirect castaway to dismissal channel, but re-diffuse in the ground. Water which diffuse can lessen possibility of the happening of floods that effect of bubble up dismissal channel. More details click here.

Bye floods!

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Minggu, 10 Januari 2010

Tissue, One Cause of the Global Warming

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Most of all people recognize the tissue. There are two kinds of marketed tissue, wet tissue and dry tissue. Tissue in this modern-day have replaced the handkerchief to mop the sweat or clean the hand after finishing of eating. tissue come to be popular because its practical. This object only for once wear and needn't be cleaned as does handkerchief or cloth napkin. It is not strange if its market is non-stoped to spring up every year. According to Yeni Wijaya, Brand Manager Softies, wet tissue market in Indonesia reach the 300 rupiahs until 400 milliard. And every year, this industrial market growth reach 10%.

Most of all raw materials of wet tissue paper use the equal elementary substance that is nonwoven (cotton). Differentiating of one product and others are from its thick and mildness. Wet tissue substance is thicker and not easy to rip and also softer. That are the substance which are consisted in wet tissue:

- Water, Tissue surface tend to wet cause aqueous and have good enough absorpsion

- Perfumery, This substance make the tissue own the odorous aroma

- Cleanser, The dissimilar component is cleanser and toning

- Jujube oil, Some wet tissue products are enhancing save jujube oil and not make the allergy

- Alcohol, Actually the function of alcohol is as desinfectan. But usage which excessively exactly result skin to be dry. Alcohol in skin make the oil on the surface of skin upraised and water evaporation even also happened quicker.

Tissue usage in the good nations and in Indonesia metropolis are very easy to met, especially by teenagers. Practical use because of only for once wear. And surely now in the middle of heat of earth temperature, tissue use even also more and more. Only for few times one package tissue can used up for one activity, that is mop the sweat at day time. Not to mention for the other activity. Can be conceived, how many packages will used up in one day. Really very harming habit for environment! Why?

Tissue made by pulp. Pulp come from bar of acacia and eucalyptus tree processed chemically. To make the tissue, producer have to make the plantation of acacia and eucalyptus. Its impact, the wide of natural forest is on the wane replaced with the produce forest for tissue. This unnature ecosystem will be formed and lessen the optimal function of original ecosystem. It is the article of Koesnadi from Sekjend Sarekat Hijau Indonesia (SHI) about simple quantification how Indonesia forest decrease which is effect of tissue use by society.

"If amount of Indonesia resident are 200 million people and every day one people use ½ furl of tissue paper, so its meaning use of paper tissue can reach 100 million furling tissu in one day, meaning for each month tissue usage in Indonesia reach 3 billion furling. If weight of one furling tissue paper is reach ¼ kilogram, so 3 billion yielded about 750.000.000 kilogram equivalent by 750.000 ton. If to yield one ton pulp needed 5 m3 logs, with assumption the log is 120 m3 for each hectare (with diametre 10 up) so have been guessed that forest use to manage the hygiene reach hundreds thousand hectare for each month." And for the forest which have been cut away, need tens of year time in course of rehabilitation to circumstance for the beginning like before cut away. So, the speed of forest decrease by hewing effect is quicker than speed of cure or succession and based on note of WALHI if this matter is non-stoped happened, WALHI predicted more or less from 10 years later Indonesia will not own the forest again.

Decreasing of forest wide can result the ground erosion. Besides erosion, forest ability to permeate CO2 also downhill. Height of CO2concentration in atmosphire cause the height of earth temperature affecting at trouble of environment balance in earth biosphire causing the global warming. As we know that in the 2007 ago, precisely at December, 3th – 11th 2007 Indonesia become the host in United Nation For Climate Change (UNFCC) that is States meeting in a world of studying about global warming, in the meeting mentioned that global warming have come to the very real threat for earthling because global warming have resulted of sea level change. Estimated happened the increase of water sea surface as high as 50 centimetres in the 2100 (IPCC, 1992). For archipelagic country like Indonesia, though the change of sea surface is also influenced by local geology condition (tectonic), sea level rise will bring the negativity impact which significant enough. It will suffuse a lot of important economic areal, like regional settlement and infrastructure, agriculture farm, pond, tourism resort, and port.

The suffusing of important road network as in north coastal Java area have an effect on to fluency of people and goods transportation. Projected about 3.306.215 resident will face the problem in the 2070. Five coastal towns (Medan, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, and Makasar) will face the serious problem because the water sea surface increase as high as 60 cm (ADB, 1994). That way also with the estimate about loss of 4 thousand islands (Minister of Kimpraswil, Kompas August, 8th 2002). Horrible matter is only started from forest depilatory used for the making of tissue and not to mention added by impact from process to get the white colour of tissue, this whitening process needed by chlor (Cl) to pulp which black chromatic. Raw material Cl is toxic, that its waste also still poisonous.

If let, all of the descriptions will see its impact for a long time and will be felt as a result by generation hereinafter. So, start to save the earth now by changing tissue usage with the handkerchief which can be re-used after cleaned. Besides save for the earth, we also can live more economical, right?!
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Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

19th International Children’s Painting Competition

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Theme: Biodiversity : connecting with Nature

The International Children's Painting Competition on the Environment is organized every year by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Japan-based Fondation for Global peace and Environment (FGPE), Bayer and Nikon Corporation. It has been held since 1991 and has received more than 2.4 million entries from children in over 100 countries. The theme for this years competition is Biodiversity and it will focus on our beautiful earth, full of different life forms and what can we do to protect it.

The children's paintings will focus on concrete actions to preserve biodiversity such as tree planting, marine and animal conservation, restoration of coral reefs etc.

The competition was launched on 20 August 2009. The organizers are inviting children in Asia Pacific to submit their paintings to:

UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

2nd Floor, United Nations Building

Rajdamnern Avenue, Bangok 10200 Thailand

Tel: (66-2) 288-2314, Fax ;(66-2) 280-3829

Entry Rules and Conditions:

Children between the age of 6 and 14 years.

1) Paintings must be done on A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) or A3 (29.7 x 42cm) papers.

2) Full name, age (day, month, and year) and full address including phone and e-mail (in English) must be on the back of the painting.

3) Style of painting is free: crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, etc

4) Paintings that have been shown or accepted elsewhere will not be accepted in this competition.

5) Paintings that show a particular person, an organization or a brand name will not be accepted.

6) Do not include any words or description in the paintings.

7) Only hard copies of paintings will be accepted. (Email entries will only be accepted after by hard copies is received).

8) You can submit more than one entry.


Global winners:

The 1st Prize:

One entrant-US$1,000- and a full paid trip for winners and chaperones to the Tunza International Children’s Conference (date and venue to be confirmed later). The winner will also receive a plaque and supplementary prizes.

The 2nd Prize:

One entrant-US$2,000- and a fully paid trip for winners and chaperones to the Tunza International Children’s Conference (date and venue to be confirmed later). Each winner will also receive a plaque and supplementary prizes.

The 3nd Prize:

Five entrants-A diploma for each winner (No cash)

The 4th Prize:

Ten entrants-A diploma for each winner (No cash)

The 5th Prize:

Forty five entrants-A diploma for each winner (No cash)

Regional winners:
One winner only from each region: Africa and the Pacific; West Asia; Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean; and North America.

US$ 1,000 and fully paid trip for each winner and chaperones to the Tunza International Children’s Conference (venue and to be confirmed later).

(Note that by entering the competition, you have assigned copyright of your painting(s) to the organizers. The painting (s) wiil not be returned and will be used to raise environmental awareness through exhibition, website, posters, publications etc) and-to raise funds to further promote environmental activies by children.

Selection of winners:
Winners will be selected through a fair and impartial selection by the organizers.

Announcement of winners:

(1) Regional winners will be announced on 30 April 2010

(2) Global winners will be announced at the venue of the next Tunza International Children’s Conference (venue and dates to be confimed later)

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Earthquake, Indonesia must to follow Japan

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Earthquake is a nature event which difficult to anticipated its happened. Earthquake is not only generating tens of victims defeated and hundreds house damaged, but earthquake also have generated the dread and trauma for many people who feel its super vibration, unexcepted in Indonesia. If the existing technology have able to forecast the happening of earthquake, of course it can prevent to fall more of its victims from this disaster. To face the earthquake, we can learn from Japan, state which excessively incured earthquake, owning more than one hundred volcanoes, and roughed up by hurricane in each year, but they do not surender. Experience to face the awful disaster and awareness of earthquake threat make the government and its society do the preparation to face the disaster better from other states. Japan have the best forewarning system in world.

This below are the ways of Japan people save from earthquake:

1. Japan society are dilligent to do disaster training. At elbow door, they preparing the backpack which can contained with bottle water, dry food or canned foods, medicines, cash, dry clothes, radio or HT (Handy Talkie), flash light, and some substitution batteries. Society can enhance the suplemen, eyeglasses, special medicines, or baby food in their special bag. appliance of earthquake saving are even sold in supermarket.

2. Training to face the disaster conducted routinely, even made a special subject in elementary school.

3. More of Japan properties are invested to build the building and infrastructure which hold up the earthquake. Costly is true, but according by expert, this policy is proven have saved thousands of souls.

4. local government specially trained to announce the happening of disaster and do evacuation quickly. They are also trained on how to distribute the food and blanket in relocation place.

5. Japan society are know to protect their head with the strong desk, so it is not downfall kinds of hardware. Last, under that auspices of desk, they put down the gas stream quickly, and ascertain the door is remain to be opened to lessen the risk of trapped among ruins.

6. Japan resident suggested to keep the shoes in under the bed and bicycle in yard. Shoes to feet safety from glass fraction. While bicycle is most precise transportation appliance at earthquake moment.

7. Japan society activate the earthquake commemoration in their handphone. Children at school own the flame resistant head protector in each of their desks. Not only that, sophisticated earthquake simulator is also used to accustom the children with the earthquake vibration.

8. Governmental of Japan ascertain that the center of nuclear energy and electrics cart will die automatically when earth vibrate in the certain limit.

From the points above, in general socialization of knowledge about earthquake is very require to be conducted. Others need the building reconstruction to hold up the earthquake and also always familiarize to alertness the earthquake, like recognizing sefety place for taking cover in our environment, knowing telephone number of the institutions for emergency condition, preparing food and water, always familiarizing to take care the fragile and heavy goods in the safety location, and also put down the electrics and fire after finishing used. Clearly, BMG (Indonesia Meteorology and Geophysics Institution’s) have given ten guides in face the earthquake coming suddenly wherever we stay. However its situation, we have to calm, because panicity is also will add the danger. Expected the description can lessen the risks and victims of earthquake in Indonesia.
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Kamis, 31 Desember 2009

New Hope in New Year

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Happy new year all! Hopefully in this year our expectation can be reached.

Hopefully get better than years previously.

Hopefully in year 2010 more amount people who conscious environmentally. Not only be conscious, but also take action.

Hopefully our environmental condition will be well.


One more guys..Happy new year!!!
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